Thursday, March 29, 2012

I had to go and say

that I would ship anywhere in the world.....and I am.

The winner of the Davis Graveyard calendar is Marrow!  Don't thank me...thank Husband, he picked your number.  Cool that one of our calendars is gracing the home of someone in New Zealand!!

Send me a email at telling where you would like it shipped and I will get it out to you next week.

Congrats my friend!!

...with that done....we are on to a new giveaway tomorrow!

Husband and I went shopping at Things From Another World (cause we are lucky to live in the same town as Dark Horse Comics!) we were feeling in a zombie we picked up a few things....and since I am in a get rid of, instead, of get more, mood.  I am going to give them away to you wonderful people.

Check back.....I will post it soon.

Looks like one of my minions is....


Is he flipping me off?!?!??

#^%$* frogs!

Cannot turn your back on them for a moment!

He better hope I don't find him....cause, well, he is lucky that I am vegetarian....that and all tree frogs look the same....buggers!!!

Making Monsters

Did I mention that Husband managed to negotiate a deal with Distortions to come to West Coast Haunters Convention!

Yep, Ed and his wife Marsha Edmond's from Distortions - who were featured on the Travel Channel show "Making Monsters" will be guest speakers on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the West Coast Haunters Convention.

So excited!!!

Book your tickets now....rooms are going fast.

Frog Queen office update

I am never going to finish decorating this place!!!

Latest update = the wonderful, beautiful and extremely talented ShellHawk sent me a special surprise in my latest Etsy order from is this amazing photo of her pumpkins.  All glowing and creepy....mood abounds!  

One of the walls in my office is just for art that is not about the graveyard, directly - so this found the perfect home.

Here is a picture of both walls the left wall is all framed pictures of the graveyard courtesy of the uber talented Marci over at Photocapitvate.  

The other wall has just stuff that is part of my Halloween life.....and Shell is definitely part of my Halloween life.

See those bare spots....yeah, still have stuff to hang on the walls....this is never going to end!!!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I should give this away

away before the year is over.  

I have one left over Davis Graveyard 2011 photo calendar.

I know that is a bit made sense to me at the time.  It is infact a 2012 calendar....with Davis Graveyard 2011 pictures in it.

Yeah, my logic amazed me sometimes too.

Just post a message on this post and I will draw a winner on Thursday, March 29th at 8:00 pm.  I will ship to anywhere in the world!

Enjoy everyone, and happy prop building!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

You know what I know?

The winners of the Haunters Video Awards.


(for those of you who have not HAVE to check out the new website!!!!)

Actually, after watching the DVD set over and over and over (happily, I might add) I cannot tell you how much I do NOT envy the judges....cause all the submissions are awesome....and those of you that did not submit, your haunts are awesome too!


Do you want to know who won the 13th Annual Home Haunter Video Awards?

...I bet you do......


....soon my friends....soon, trust will be worth it!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I am a sucker for anything

that Calvin and Hobbs.

This is awesome!!!

How many times can I say

"thank you"!

I want to say a big thanks to Guy at House Bloodthorn, Jean-Francois (aka Pumpkinbrain) and Nic Andrews at Hi-Rez Design for helping us with the Home Haunter DVD collection and Home Haunter Awards websites.

I especially love that this is a group effort of home haunters......everyone has been so great about keeping this going and making it continue.

So for those of you that have not seen them, there are the links to the two updated websites for

Home Haunter DVD Collection

And the Haunters Video Awards

Thanks everyone for getting the sites the major face lift that they needed.

I love the haunting community!!

So if you have not ordered your 2011 Home Haunter DVD collection, you can order them now for $25 plus shipping.  They are in stock and will ship out immediately!

Thanks again to everyone - from those who submitted their haunts and those who bought the collection to everyone who helped with the site!  This would not happen without you - hats off from the Davis Graveyard.

Well, back in Decmeber

my fantastic sister in law gave me these cool presents for Christmas....I love her as that she is the only family member that actually embraces our Halloween madness and give us Halloween related presents all year!!

These are both really cool books.  

She said she gave them to me because she loves the artist....Gris Grimly.  

The first one "Sipping Spiders through Straws" is reworded campfire songs that are all revamped for those of us that like creepy!

The second one is by the same author....but a twist on Halloween for Christmas.  Santa Claws a Scary Christmas to all.

I love how the inside of the cover is like an old ad section from a magazine...all creepy!

Yes, I know that I have the best sister in law in the whole world!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012 got it right

there were DVDs in the boxes.....for all of you that preordered the Home Haunter DVD collection....they shipped on Friday!


They are a great set......if you have not ordered them, do it now.  We have them in stock and can ship them out the next day!

Halloween in March - how cool is that!!!???

Friday, March 16, 2012

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess what I did last Saturday night

I really doubt that any of you would guess this one.

I was the Mrs. Oregon International beauty pagent.

Yep, scary in its own way I guess :D

No, I was not in it....if you have seen me you would know that is just never going to happen :)

But our good friend Macy was.  She is one of our biggest fans and a HUGE halloween nut.

She loves us so much that she purchased our old display items and now has the "Bishop Cemetery" - we all like to call it the Davis Graveyard annex.

We adore her.....and we do even more since this mentioned the Davis Graveyard in one of her interview questions!!!

....tell, when something like that has ever happened at a beauty pageant!

I would post the interview link here but it is a protected file and the only way to see it is on Facebook.

If you are friends with me on can see it.

Made my day. 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I just might explode

this is causing a major battle inside my head....

It looks soooo yummy!

....but it is a spider!

...yummy dessert......

.....scary spider.....

......but it is chocolate......

.....yeah, but it is a chocolate spider....



....the battle rages on....


Thursday, March 8, 2012


I love the northwest....not only do we have a great group of  bigfoot hunters....but we love our ghosts - creepy seems to be a good thing.

So it comes at no surprise that we have a ghost conference.

It is happening this weekend a few miles down the road, how cool is that!?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

After all that work

on the Halloween Party invitations and the great work on last years Christmas thought I would really come up with something smashing for Christmas last year.

You would be wrong.

I whimped out and used the photo we took of Stonehenge in the snow last year.

It is a lovely picture - and it was a dream being there....but I don't think it translated into a card too well.

Husband and I worked on an all-encompassing-audience friendly write up on solstice celebrations throughout the years.  You have to be careful with history, there are some people that are really touchy when you point out that Christmas, as a celebration, is a bit older than they would like to believe.

But then those people believe that dinosaur bones are just rock formations. (Yeah, we have a few of those in the family, and they do not particularly like our Halloween obsession.)

So I put glitter on the front where the snow can you be offended with a card with glitter on it :D (don't answer that!)

If you were invited

to the Davis Graveyard Halloween party.  You got one of these.

For those of you that did not, so sorry....and I thought I would share this years invitation.

Thanks to Matt (who has yet to pick a "crew" name) for the great idea of making a pup-up card.

He also helped me cut out a LOT of bits of paper and fold them, and glue them together, and then reglue them....and then cut some was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

I think he said something about designing a pop-up abbey for this, better get started on that one now!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free concrete skull

I kinda missed all the excitement about Hauntcast coming back!


I so miss that show and am really looking forward to hearing the gang again.

...that is if they can get a few more subscribers.

I know, I know, $100 is a lot of money - but it is worth it.

That said, I will send the next 5 subscribers a Davis Graveyard concrete candle holder skull and a set of Davis Graveyard prints.

Just email me after you subscribe and we will get your free skull out to you!

Yep, that is a $35 dollar value...that makes your subscription only $65 - and on top of that you have the chance to win all kinds of cool prizes.

Come on people - let's make this happen!!

Check out these discounts and raffle items:

Subscribers will receive discounts from these great Vendors:

Juneau Studios ~ 
Save $50 of their DVDs. You pay $19.99, retail price $69.99.
Receive a $250 certificate for any order of $1150 and save 60% on freight order shipping.

DC Props ~
15% off his amazing props and mechanisms *except sale items, not valid September and October.

Fright Theatre ~
15% off all product *except sale items, not valid September or October

Skull Shoppe Skulls – 20% off plus FREE shipping* order thru Hauntcast site

Dark Imaginings ~
20% off our changing portraits, $75 off custom changing portraits, as well as other discounts on our other products and services (graphic design, web design, video effects, etc).

Mini Spot Light ~
15% off all lights

Necrotic Creations ~
15% off their entire productline

Monkey Basic ~
20% off all software

Froggy’s Fog – 15% off from April – September

Skeleton Store – 30% of their retail prices (must order through Hauntcast)

Midnight Studios –
$150 off their Vanessa Corpse prop

Vox Noctis Voiceovers ~
$50 off any custom made voice over.

Shellhawk’s Creations ~
15% her amazing hand-made pottery and FREE shipping.

DBGgraphix ~
50% OFF a logo or poster design for their haunts.

Woodloom Custom Tombstones -
10% off

Isher Creations ~
20% off

Outrageous Media Special Effects DVDs – 20% off *Must buy from Hauntcast store

Bloody Mary Makeup – 15% off

Fright Catalog – 15%

Ghosts of Olde Towne Petersburg will be starting up with the very first haunted walking tours on selected nights in April.  Hauntcast fans can purchase 50% off admission tickets. That offer is good for the entire 2012 season.

Total Terror! Haunted Attraction - 50% off admission price by purchasing tickets online.

•  Haunted Fresno Haunted Attraction – Three sets of tickets, value $52 per set

Midnight Studios –
$150 off their Vanessa Corpse prop

Haunted Overload – $2 off your ticket

Hauntcast The Magazine ~
Free (at least two issues a year, maybe more)


If we reach our goal we will be raffling off prizes from these amazing vendors:

• DC Props – $195 Spitter mechanism
• Juneau Studios – (10) $70 DVDs
• Fright Theatre – $375 Torso Prop
• Stolloween – custom pumpkin $125 value
• Stiltbeast Studios – Three Deranged Masks, $100 a piece.
• Skull Shoppe Skulls – 2 museum skulls $85 each and 2 film quality skulls $65
• Mini Spot Lights – 20 mini spotlights, 10 High output mini spotlights (the chubby), 1 power supply, Spotlight diffusers, 1 dimmer and an assortment of power splitters and connectors. This kit would be a great addition to any home or pro haunt. This set has a value of approximately $500.00. This kit has everything you need to light your scenes and you will have your choice of color for the lights.
• Necrotic Creations – $100 cameo
• Woodloom – $55 Celtic Tombstone
• Terra – Handmade tombstone of choice
• How to Haunt Your House volume 3 book – Two copies, $30 value each
• Vox Noctis – $50 dollar coupon
• 2011 Haunters Video Awards DVD Set $25
• Davis Graveyard – $25 Concrete Skull
• Skeleton Store Paul Skeleton – $52 value
• Dark Imaginings – $49.95 value 11×14 changing portrait. You can pick the portrait.If the 11×14 is too large for them then they can choose a smaller version (5×7 or 8×10). The winner will have to pay the shipping fee, though, which is $10.
• Spider Hill Prop Works – $50 worth of product from their site (winner’s choice)
• Haunted Hot Sauce – Assortment of Hot Sauce
• Haunted Attraction Fright Team Management Book and CD
So You Want to be a Haunt Entrepreneur Book -
$49.95 + $4.95 shipping (A $54.90 Value!)
• Haunted Fresno Haunted Attraction – Three sets of tickets, value $52 per set
• West Coast Haunters Convention – 2 Pair of three day passes to the show
• Hauntcon – 2 conference passes, $150 value
• Midnight Syndicate – Two 6 packs of their amazing Haunt Music – $72 value each
• Author Lesley Bannatyne – 3 pack of books: Halloween Nation, A Halloween Reader & Halloween, An American Holiday An American History
• Author Ghoul Friday – Four copies of Brains vs. Coffer book
• Bloody Mary Makeup – One Quart of Bloody Mary FX Spray Blood
• Denny will make you a Pumpkin Thief head with LED eyes.
• Gore Galore – Barrel Topper prop (debuting at Transworld)
• Haunted Overload, Lee NH – 5 pairs of tickets
• Midwest Haunters Convention – 2 party passes to their Saturday night costume party, valued at $80.
• Canadian Haunters Convention – two pairs of Seminar Series Wristbands (valued at $500). That includes general admission into the Trade Show, the Welcome Rally, and to view the Body Art Competition
• Fangoria Magazine- One year Subscription
• Haunt Bible – 2 (two) copies, $150 each
• Haunted Overload, Lee NH – 5 pairs of tickets
• National Haunters Convention – One Vip Pass for each subscriber, ie. 3 day pass. Value $25 a piece
• Outrageous Media – two video packages each about $550 value. Includes: PROJECTED REALITY 1/FX, PROJECTED REALITY 2/FX, PROJECTED REALITY 3, Spiders Snakes and Bats, Frankenstein Scenes, Virtual Dracula, & Ghosts of History DVDs

I am framing things

as fast as I can! Here is the progress so far on the pictures in the office (hum....I need to straighten a few!)  Just ordered some more prints of the yard to fill the empty space.

I also brought a banner from out in the yard in for decor.

Oops, I did it again

I really cannot believe I just referenced a Britney, that is a first, and hopefully the last time I do that to all of you on this blog.

Anyway - I am in a weird mood at the moment.

I have run into what I call "Halloween Politics" again.

Some days I feel like I am back in high school! 

It has been a while, and I thought I had found a way to deal with know, that time heals all wounds sort of thing. Just when I thought it was over.....

I should have known better.

Life is a journey and no place or time is ever "safe"

That would make life way too boring!

A good friend of mine (who I adore) always says "If you don't have anything nice to say.....come sit by me." I laugh at that still, and I used to feel the same way. But these days I ask that if that is the case....go sit with someone else.

At least until my sense of humor comes back.

Days like these I really appreciate those very wise haunters that stay below the radar.

But, that said, if I did that, yes, things would be different, less complicated, but I would know some of you wonderful, just ignore me and I promise to get over this and get back to entertaining all of you. 

(boring - me they are the same thing :D)

 Thanks for sticking around.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have not had a chance to make it to Seattle

But one of our minions brought this back from the Horror Movie exhibit at the Experience Music Project. So of course I framed it and put it in my office!

I so want to get up there and see it before it is gone.  Looks like a lot of fun!

Can't Look Away - the Lure of Horror Film

Yep, I am having way too much fun with my office remodel!

You shall not pass!

My skeleton Domo is enjoying being out of the box and likes my new office, he especially likes yelling at the cats!

Now I just got to get the glow-in-the-dark Domo and my life will be complete.

See, told you I was having fun with my new office remodel.

Things I do that make husband

just roll his eyes at me :)

I put this one one of the walls in my office - been having a great time getting my remodeled office in order.  I am feeling right at home.  Well....actually I am at home!

(It says)
“I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best.”  - Marilyn Monroe

I was going to put some cool Halloween book quote....but I just loved this one makes me smile.

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