Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frog Queen office update

I am never going to finish decorating this place!!!

Latest update = the wonderful, beautiful and extremely talented ShellHawk sent me a special surprise in my latest Etsy order from is this amazing photo of her pumpkins.  All glowing and creepy....mood abounds!  

One of the walls in my office is just for art that is not about the graveyard, directly - so this found the perfect home.

Here is a picture of both walls the left wall is all framed pictures of the graveyard courtesy of the uber talented Marci over at Photocapitvate.  

The other wall has just stuff that is part of my Halloween life.....and Shell is definitely part of my Halloween life.

See those bare spots....yeah, still have stuff to hang on the walls....this is never going to end!!!


  1. If you ever get done, come decorate mine. You are so lucky. Great pictures on the wall.

  2. Wow! That is so perfect! How do you ever get anything done? I'd spend all my time looking, thinking, dreaming,


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