Monday, March 12, 2012

Guess what I did last Saturday night

I really doubt that any of you would guess this one.

I was the Mrs. Oregon International beauty pagent.

Yep, scary in its own way I guess :D

No, I was not in it....if you have seen me you would know that is just never going to happen :)

But our good friend Macy was.  She is one of our biggest fans and a HUGE halloween nut.

She loves us so much that she purchased our old display items and now has the "Bishop Cemetery" - we all like to call it the Davis Graveyard annex.

We adore her.....and we do even more since this mentioned the Davis Graveyard in one of her interview questions!!!

....tell, when something like that has ever happened at a beauty pageant!

I would post the interview link here but it is a protected file and the only way to see it is on Facebook.

If you are friends with me on can see it.

Made my day. 

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