Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red is my favorite color

but right after that is orange.  Note that black is the background color for everything in my it is just a given that black is the default color.

So for my costume for Hauntcon I am looking for a 50s style outfit.  I have the perfect black dress, and of course a petticoat to match (I will be wearing it without the cat.) So I need some accesories.

I found this cool vintage purse on Etsy - orange 50s clutch - talk about a score!!

The bow is for my waist - also an Etsy purchase.

The glasses are a real find, got them at Micheals when I was purchase supplies for the Hauntcon class and although they said $3.99 on the label - they rang up as 1 cent!  The store said that was fine and sold them to me for a penny!

The plastic skulls husband cast for me (he even made a special trip to TAP plastic to get the resin color for my plastic...he is a sweetie!)  I need to take a dremel and clean them up and make earrings and a hair piece - I need another of the smallest skull to put on my shoes....and we are ready.

Why this costume?

It would have a lot to do with husband's costume, anyone want to guess what he is wearing?

And the winner is...

Well, let me explain...since Dor would not draw a winner and the rest of the cats would have nothing to do with the little balls of paper with names on them....which is odd, cause they love those.

.....curious....I think Dor threatened them not to touch her sh#t, with her evil stare.

Anyway - this morning I found a wad of paper outside of her bed in the window and on the counter....I will take that.

So congrats to Jays' Shadow!!

Just send me your mailing info and I will get your zombie stuff out to you!

I had a life

but between HAuNTcon and WCHC convention....I am literally only getting 3- hours of sleep a day.  That is factoring in the days were I get 7 one day and 0 for a few other days.

I just love who is going to visit me at HAuNTcon....please....I need some moral support!!!

Be back soon.....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remove cat before wearing

I did not see that on the tag.....but it is pretty obvious that it could uncomfortable and certainly bloody to try to put my new petticoat on with the cat inside.

With his black and white coat....he can really rock a orange petticoat....nice going kitty!

This is Mason, the big cat - sleeping in my ruffly, fluffy, very girly petticoat....I think he is getting in touch with his feminine side.  

He can sleep there for another week and then I have to pack that in my suit case as part of my costume for HAuNTcon.

And, no, are not going with me.  If that is the plan you should find something a little less see through to hide in.   Plus I think I would notice the extra 20lbs in the suit case....sorry buddy.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Any day you get a skeleton in the mail

is a good day.

That cat tail in the the food dishes, that is Dorie....who has still not drawn a winner.

I am giving up.

I am working on Hal and this point anyone that is will to help.

H.P. Lovecraft answers your relationship questions

image by *MirrorCradle 
I LOL'd - literally when I read it.

Being a big fan of Lovecraft, in fact I was reading Dagon last night.

Here is a sample of the piece written by James Warner

Dear Howie,

Last week I received a “you probably don’t remember me” note from a man I went to a school dance with nineteen years ago. He is married and has three kids, but states he is not happy. What should I do?
Concerned Lady

Dear Concerned Lady: –

Although humankind has a yearning toward whatever is redolent of mystery and allurement, it is well that certain lacunae in our knowledge should remain forever unfilled. Your shadowy correspondent’s mention of the ill-regarded numbers nineteen and three recalls an unutterable experiment performed on sticklebacks by the Swedish icthyologist Dalgaard. I dare not describe his observations, but he concluded that, the longer we can remain innocent of our place in the cosmos, the better it must augur for our mental integrity. He came to understand there was more meaning than is commonly supposed in the nebulous half-inscriptions found on abandoned wharves — while who knows what malign significance underlies the latest findings on the growth of angiosperms, or the cycle of the solar spots? What of the transgalactic pulsings that have cost more than one astronomer his powers of reasoning? I have heard it whispered that the imprints found on Dalgaard’s pillow, toward the end, resembled the fronds of a kind of bracken previously unknown to botany. The muffled clattering sounds from my roof impel me hastily to conclude,

Yrs most cordially & sincerely, – HPL.

Check out this will not be disappointed.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hey Dorie (part 2) ....

hi there, cute gray kitty,....ready to draw a winner for me?

"I am no longer speaking to you." - she says.


"You took me to the vet today."

Yeah, it was only to trim your claws.....they were scratching the hell out of my hands.....

"...silly human, you obviously do not understand the purpose of my claws."

Catching birds in the wild for food?

"....ha, ha, ha.....why am I talking to you?......GO AWAY or bring me canned food.  Preferably the latter.  Actually, both is better!"

Why did my blog friends pick you!?!?!?!

"Once are under this delusion that you have friends....if you did, it would be because, unlike you, they are smart, and probably good looking....hey, can you ask any of them if they need a cute sweet gray cat?"


"Why not?"

First of all you are far from "sweet" and would you not miss your brother?

"I am sooooo sweet!!....yeah, I that might be a hard sell, let's get back to far Mason as goes, bitch, please - that low IQ ball of fur...he barely knows his own might have missed this because he is (actually) sooooo nice....but he is as dumb as a box of rocks!"

To be honest....we did notice that, but don't tell him....

"Good to know, you are not as stupid as I thought you were....good and bad, because, if you know that, I imagine there is no chance of me convincing you to set me just turn the door knob...."

Wait a minute!!!  ....not a chance - you make have forgotten, but you are not the first cat I have had. I have learned a few things.

"....after living here for a few years....I would say, you have not learned as much as you think you have."

Really?  Are you sure of that?

"Really. And, yes, I am sure, bring it human captor."

I hate when you talk like that. If I would have known you would have been like this, I would have left you at the vets office.....

"That tone does not help."

This is silly, can you pick a winner?


Why not?

"I am a cat..... okay, if you want my help....get my ginormous "smart as a box of rocks"  brother out of MY bed ....and then we will talk."

Look, Mason is, like you said,  "ginormous"......I am not sure I can move him without getting a hernia.

"Once again, human captor....not my problem.......unless....will a "hernia" keep you from using the can opener?"

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I think the monument needs an update

Okay, I know that some people think I am being too weird or unpatriotic - but tell me, whould you not be more inclinded to visit the presidents if they looked like this?

Tell the truth :D

Pink butterflies

...OMG that has to be the scariest shower curtian in the history of the world.

That cat deserves a metal, and a can of caviar!

Hey Dorie...

are you finally ready to draw a winner?  My blogger friends are waiting.......

Silly humanm, who are you kidding,  you have no friends!

.....and first of I look like I care? 

 *&^% off, before I kill you with my and all  two your blogger "friends."

Okay, we will ask her again tomorrow.....  Sorry everyone.  Now you see what I have to live with every day of my life. :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do you really want the word "graveyard"

on a poster for promoting art and the like for the local "First Friday"?

..."Hell yes!", she said.

I guess it is going to take me a while to get out of the mode of having to censor my hobby from what I think is the rest of the world :D (My last job was ultra conservative - don't miss it for a moment.)

What are you talking about FQ?

My local downtown has been doing an art/social thing called "First Friday" for a few years.  We walk around the town and visit local businesses that have art up and usually the artists are there.  Very cool and a lot of fun.  I just love that stuff.  We have decorated and featured Marci's photos of the yard at the local wine bar for the past two years.

There has been a little change in advertising (no not me....thank goodness, I have enough going on) and they revamped the logo, posters, and website and needed sponsors to help make it happen.  I know we are both unemployed and I should not be spending my savings on silly things like this.......but I really like the event and I did expect for her to say:

"......uh, you know, I am not sure a "graveyard" type business is something we to promote for our event."

Trust me, it has happened before.

But this new person loves us and knows how involved we are in the we are a perfect fit.

So now, the Davis Graveyard logo will be on the website, posters and handouts for the event.

Check out the website

And here is the poster....if you look way down at the bottom, you might notice our logo.

I love Milwaukie......  I think I can get used to being liked and not shoved off in a corner :D

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mason wants to say

thanks for the support.......or that he wants me to pet is hard to say, but he has been crawling all over my keyboard tonight.  And look....he just batted a ball of paper my way.

Cats....they will play with anything as long as it is not a toy you bought for them.

Oh, wait he has a concession speech all prepared an just needs a moment of your time.

He is a super nice cat, I am sure this will be lovely.

Let's see what the speech has to say......

Wow, looks like Mason is a sore loser......

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Which cat should draw

for the winner of the Zombie giveaway?

We have three - may I present, in order of acquisition

Hal - full name "Halloween Cat" - Tuxedo

We actually "stole" him from a neighbor.  It seems he was a stray that both of us were feeding.  He just managed to work his way into our house one Halloween (hence his name) and adopted us.

He is the only cat in our house allowed outside.

He is kinda famous in his own right.  He has been in dozens and dozens of Davis Graveyard pictures....he loves cameras - I think every news crew that has visited the house has footage of him.  He is the official mascot and has even gotten fan mail.  He is our biggest critic, he scratches up the props he thinks we can do better.........which I believe is just about everything in the yard.  If I go by his scratch marks....I have to assume that the new abbey sucks.  Speaking of the display, we may build it and set it up....but we all know it belongs to him.  The Davis Graveyard belongs to Hal....never forget that!!

When I asked Hal if he had any words to share to encourage votes for him: "He wanted me to let you know, that he will eat any dog that comes in the graveyard."

Mason -  Named by the vets office we adopted him from. (although Mason and Dorie are brother and sister....I don't think we would have ended up with Dorie unless we took Mason - because it was obvious that no one would take Dor.... voluntarily.  The vet kinda made it a "package deal".) - Tuxedo

Mason is almost 20lbs - he is the largest cat we have ever had - he is a miniature puma.  He does not like cameras. It is very lucky for us that this large of a cat is an absolute sweetheart, loves to be held on his back like a baby and super gentle and affectionate.  The vets office LOVES him...every time I take him in they fawn over him....I have been worried that one day they will not give him back.  He is the best natured cat we have ever had.

He LOVES sleeping and people, any long as you pet him. If the world was perfect, he would like us to pay someone to just pet him all day, we call him a petting "whore". :)  We are very lucky, cause if he was an aggressive cat and flexed his muscle....both Hal and Dorie would spend their days in tyranny!

When I asked Mason for a quote he said; "If you are not going to pet me, I am going back to sleep."

Dorie - Also named by the vets office we adopted her from. I call her "Dor" from the Gaiman book Neverwhere, because I would have never named a cat Dorie.  Her actual full, official name is "Dorie, what (blank) are you doing?!" - Gray and white (tux-like) tabby.

If Dor is awake; she looks like she wishes you dead.   She is the cutest thing in the world when she is sleeping.  She is likely pure evil (she has a note on her vet file that says "danger" - not kidding!) But like all good women, she has the power to go from evil minion from hell to ultra cute in .5 seconds. ( I would show you the ultra cute face....but by the time I find the camera....she is back to this face.)

I blame it on the name.  I would never forgive the universe if someone called me Dorie.

She is a small cat (under 9lbs) and can be really charming (when begging for forgiveness) - which is why she is still alive, cause every time she breaks something.....she turns into sweet cat and looks at me with those cute little eyes (that she magically swaps from another non-possessed cat from another dimension) and cries for on me every time!!!   She likes me, but husband, yeah, not so much.  He can pet her if I am holding her. She allows me to hold her for about ten minutes a day (not all at once)...after that she tells us to #*&^  off or die.    We have an important situation at our long as she cannot learn how to open a can of cat food, we believe we are safe...but nothing is certain - we live each day in fear. If we die mysteriously in our sleep our worst fears are confirmed and Dor really is a Jedi kitty and killed us with her mind!

Dorie, when asked for a quote, she looked at me all cute and told me to tell you: "That she, unlike Hal, loves dogs." 

...ouch...get your claws off my keyboard while I am typing!!! Okay, fine cat....if you promise to go away!

Hal wanted me warn you that Dor is going for the dog lover vote and you should all know that she has never been outside of her warm, safe house, she would not no a "dog" from a "butterfly".  - Hal also mentioned something about getting an exorcism before it is too late.......

I said it, now get off my desk you crazy cat!!!

Damn my cats are competitive!

So who is drawing the zombie is up to you my friends!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

I did not know

that this existed......a frog candle snuffer....and here I was blissfully happy with my "very like the one I used in church" version.....this is way better......

..I need one....well, maybe not...did everyone hear the sad news that Dark Candles is not making candles anymore??!  They had a problem with their distributor.....very sad day for haunters....very sad...and dark...and less haunted house/graveyard/forbidden fruit smelling (wow, I guess you know my favorite scents!)....

Makes the few dozen candles in my possession very precious.....

...and rare....I think I better take my address off the interwebs, so the candle hunters do not storm my house!!

Keep away - I have attack cats!!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last year we had the West Coast cover

...the Home Haunter Video Awards we thought we would go the the East Coast Haunt Club this year and have our good friends Pam and Chris make the video.  We love that this is just one more way we are making this whole project work by help from the community that supports it.

I just love you haunter people!!!

They produced a clever video to announce the winners of the Home Haunter Video Awards for 2011.  Be sure to check it out.

And the winners are

Here are the winners for the 2011 Home Haunter Video Awards:

Congrats to all the winners.

Best Yard Haunt Steve Parmley Spider Rider of Dun Ringill
Best Yard Haunt (Vanguard) Toby, Stephanie, Cory & Tyler Wrolson Haunt 31
Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt Chris Ainsworth Thornhill Woods Haunted House
Best Indoor/walkthrough Haunt (Vanguard) Roger Hayes Hayes Haunt
Best Static Prop Heidi & Donnie Rauber 2nd Street Cemetery
Best Static Prop (Vanguard) Steve Parmley Spider Rider
Best Animated Prop Halloween Hellmouth Hellmouth IV Resurrection รข€“ Car
Best Animated Prop (Vanguard) Spencer & Debra Carter Casa Fear
Best Party Haunt Jerry & Sandie Schneider Haunted Mansion RIP George
Best Video Production Tim and Tina Reuwsaat Darkwing Manor and Morguetorium
Best How-to Steve Koci SOS Haunt
Propmaster Award Brent Ross DC Cemetery/DC Props

A big thank you to House Bloodthorn, PumpkinBrain, Nic Andrews from Hi-ReZdesign and husband for making all of this happen.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who wants some zombie stuff?

I am lucky enough to share the same town as Dark Horse Comics....who also has one of the coolest comic book stores.  Since are big fans of the Walking Dead show, ....we have to read the graphic novel, which, means we have to go to downtown Milwaukie and go shopping at Things From Another World.

I know, I have a rough life :)

So while I was there I picked up a few extra zombie things....since i am really trying to get rid of stuff, I thought I would just share them with my blogger friends.

I have four zombies in various colors - one of them even glows in the dark!!

Then there is this cool packet of green zombie blood!!  I think it is edible....but I am going to leave that up to your judgement.

I even have a tin of Zombie breath mints (not pictured) that I will throw in.

Just leave a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, April, 8th.  I will have one of the cats draw a winner on Monday morning.

Good luck my friends!

Can music wake a ghost?

Very clever promo video for School of Seven Bells new release called Ghoststory.

Not a huge fan of their music....but for the title alone, I might have to give it a try.

Even though the cover does kinda suck (not very "ghosty").....being a haunter, I have to say that :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

So how does resin

hold up in water? I ask my brother.

"Fine, actually once it is cured....water is no problem. Why do you ask?"

I think......."I need a fountian made of skulls, or mostly skulls!" (just like all of you, right?) Not some prop (no offense to the skull fountian prop makers - those are awesome - and that is where I got the idea) but I am talking a 365 days a year skull fountian.

Something permanent.

Seriously, scare the yard guys and mailman and put me on the FBI watch list type fountian. :D

Would that not be SWEET!?

So I think I see casting resin skulls in my future.

Dang, and I hate working with resin....what am I thinking.......

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