Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red is my favorite color

but right after that is orange.  Note that black is the background color for everything in my it is just a given that black is the default color.

So for my costume for Hauntcon I am looking for a 50s style outfit.  I have the perfect black dress, and of course a petticoat to match (I will be wearing it without the cat.) So I need some accesories.

I found this cool vintage purse on Etsy - orange 50s clutch - talk about a score!!

The bow is for my waist - also an Etsy purchase.

The glasses are a real find, got them at Micheals when I was purchase supplies for the Hauntcon class and although they said $3.99 on the label - they rang up as 1 cent!  The store said that was fine and sold them to me for a penny!

The plastic skulls husband cast for me (he even made a special trip to TAP plastic to get the resin color for my plastic...he is a sweetie!)  I need to take a dremel and clean them up and make earrings and a hair piece - I need another of the smallest skull to put on my shoes....and we are ready.

Why this costume?

It would have a lot to do with husband's costume, anyone want to guess what he is wearing?


  1. Those are great skulls. Maybe I could get some made sometime? I could use them on many things.

  2. My favourite colour depends of the season. During summer it is blue. Most of the time it is. But I love black and certain tones of green. And of course orange.

  3. That's going to look great! Don't forget to post pic's!!!

  4. I love your costume but I can't guess what your husband is going to be.


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