Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remove cat before wearing

I did not see that on the tag.....but it is pretty obvious that it could uncomfortable and certainly bloody to try to put my new petticoat on with the cat inside.

With his black and white coat....he can really rock a orange petticoat....nice going kitty!

This is Mason, the big cat - sleeping in my ruffly, fluffy, very girly petticoat....I think he is getting in touch with his feminine side.  

He can sleep there for another week and then I have to pack that in my suit case as part of my costume for HAuNTcon.

And, no, are not going with me.  If that is the plan you should find something a little less see through to hide in.   Plus I think I would notice the extra 20lbs in the suit case....sorry buddy.


  1. Sweet fur baby and I LOVE the petticoat!

  2. lulu and i are gonna fight you for that petticoat. or we could get matching ones and be the wonder triplets?

    my cat has a fetish for clawing petticoats, so be careful.

  3. Adorable.... If you keep putting up posts like this I'm going ot have to go buy a cat.


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