Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who wants some zombie stuff?

I am lucky enough to share the same town as Dark Horse Comics....who also has one of the coolest comic book stores.  Since are big fans of the Walking Dead show, ....we have to read the graphic novel, which, means we have to go to downtown Milwaukie and go shopping at Things From Another World.

I know, I have a rough life :)

So while I was there I picked up a few extra zombie things....since i am really trying to get rid of stuff, I thought I would just share them with my blogger friends.

I have four zombies in various colors - one of them even glows in the dark!!

Then there is this cool packet of green zombie blood!!  I think it is edible....but I am going to leave that up to your judgement.

I even have a tin of Zombie breath mints (not pictured) that I will throw in.

Just leave a comment on this post by midnight on Sunday, April, 8th.  I will have one of the cats draw a winner on Monday morning.

Good luck my friends!


  1. ooh oooh! walking dead fix!

    (i have the Support Zombies ribbon on my car. get some odd looks for that one. lol)

  2. Walking Dead and Free in the same sentence! Sign me up. Tell your cat to pull my name! ;)

  3. over here... you do not even ask, twice.

    Jeremy [Retro-Zombie]
    Visit The Madness:

  4. I love Walking Dead and in addition to the TV show, my fiance and I have each read all of the comics!

  5. Oh now you HAVE to consider li'l ol' ME! :-) Especially if one of the zombies is a zombified Lori Grimes -- I think I could make a mint with the idea!

  6. THE Dark Horse Comics?! So lucky! They have the coolest toys...

    I have lined my pockets with catnip in the hopes that it sends "nice kitty" vibes to your feline pickers.

  7. Count me in. Those would go perfect with my Zombie Jerky I bought down south last year. :)

    P.S- I love kitty cats.....

    Don't tell my dog.

  8. You know for helping with a zombie site I have hardly any zombie stuff, odd. Also, you get to shop at the Things From Another World store front? I'm incredibly jealous of that!

    I can't wait for more Walking Dead!

    Yay for kitties picking the winner.

  9. I run a Twitter account and Facebook page devoted to Sophia of TWD--the zombie version. Does that qualify me?



    1. Definitely....and soooooo cool! Thanks for sharing!


  10. Count me in! I did not saw any episode of the Walking Dead yet... yeah, I know, I suck. Some of my friends have the complete first season on DVD so I will be able to fix that soon. :-)

  11. Throw us North-of-the-border in the mix for prize winning too! We're rabid zombie fans up here (though some are a little bitter that it deviates from the books so much, but... I love both!)

  12. Zombie SWAG from the Frog Queen? Epic score.

  13. Love Walking dead, zombie movies, Zombie Games, zombie everything lol


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