Sunday, April 8, 2012

Which cat should draw

for the winner of the Zombie giveaway?

We have three - may I present, in order of acquisition

Hal - full name "Halloween Cat" - Tuxedo

We actually "stole" him from a neighbor.  It seems he was a stray that both of us were feeding.  He just managed to work his way into our house one Halloween (hence his name) and adopted us.

He is the only cat in our house allowed outside.

He is kinda famous in his own right.  He has been in dozens and dozens of Davis Graveyard pictures....he loves cameras - I think every news crew that has visited the house has footage of him.  He is the official mascot and has even gotten fan mail.  He is our biggest critic, he scratches up the props he thinks we can do better.........which I believe is just about everything in the yard.  If I go by his scratch marks....I have to assume that the new abbey sucks.  Speaking of the display, we may build it and set it up....but we all know it belongs to him.  The Davis Graveyard belongs to Hal....never forget that!!

When I asked Hal if he had any words to share to encourage votes for him: "He wanted me to let you know, that he will eat any dog that comes in the graveyard."

Mason -  Named by the vets office we adopted him from. (although Mason and Dorie are brother and sister....I don't think we would have ended up with Dorie unless we took Mason - because it was obvious that no one would take Dor.... voluntarily.  The vet kinda made it a "package deal".) - Tuxedo

Mason is almost 20lbs - he is the largest cat we have ever had - he is a miniature puma.  He does not like cameras. It is very lucky for us that this large of a cat is an absolute sweetheart, loves to be held on his back like a baby and super gentle and affectionate.  The vets office LOVES him...every time I take him in they fawn over him....I have been worried that one day they will not give him back.  He is the best natured cat we have ever had.

He LOVES sleeping and people, any long as you pet him. If the world was perfect, he would like us to pay someone to just pet him all day, we call him a petting "whore". :)  We are very lucky, cause if he was an aggressive cat and flexed his muscle....both Hal and Dorie would spend their days in tyranny!

When I asked Mason for a quote he said; "If you are not going to pet me, I am going back to sleep."

Dorie - Also named by the vets office we adopted her from. I call her "Dor" from the Gaiman book Neverwhere, because I would have never named a cat Dorie.  Her actual full, official name is "Dorie, what (blank) are you doing?!" - Gray and white (tux-like) tabby.

If Dor is awake; she looks like she wishes you dead.   She is the cutest thing in the world when she is sleeping.  She is likely pure evil (she has a note on her vet file that says "danger" - not kidding!) But like all good women, she has the power to go from evil minion from hell to ultra cute in .5 seconds. ( I would show you the ultra cute face....but by the time I find the camera....she is back to this face.)

I blame it on the name.  I would never forgive the universe if someone called me Dorie.

She is a small cat (under 9lbs) and can be really charming (when begging for forgiveness) - which is why she is still alive, cause every time she breaks something.....she turns into sweet cat and looks at me with those cute little eyes (that she magically swaps from another non-possessed cat from another dimension) and cries for on me every time!!!   She likes me, but husband, yeah, not so much.  He can pet her if I am holding her. She allows me to hold her for about ten minutes a day (not all at once)...after that she tells us to #*&^  off or die.    We have an important situation at our long as she cannot learn how to open a can of cat food, we believe we are safe...but nothing is certain - we live each day in fear. If we die mysteriously in our sleep our worst fears are confirmed and Dor really is a Jedi kitty and killed us with her mind!

Dorie, when asked for a quote, she looked at me all cute and told me to tell you: "That she, unlike Hal, loves dogs." 

...ouch...get your claws off my keyboard while I am typing!!! Okay, fine cat....if you promise to go away!

Hal wanted me warn you that Dor is going for the dog lover vote and you should all know that she has never been outside of her warm, safe house, she would not no a "dog" from a "butterfly".  - Hal also mentioned something about getting an exorcism before it is too late.......

I said it, now get off my desk you crazy cat!!!

Damn my cats are competitive!

So who is drawing the zombie is up to you my friends!


  1. Must go with Hal... we have our own Halli!

  2. I pick Dorie just so she can get you to type some more funny schtuff!

  3. I vote for Dor because I have an 18 pound evil cat with the "Danger" mark on the vet file. Stockholm Syndrome.

  4. Gotta cast my vote for the "best natured" boy...go Mason!

  5. Well, #1- Hal is out of the question for me. I have a 105lb black lab and I love dogs.

    #2- I might be able to persuade Mason by giving him lots of petting time.

    #3- Dor "says she loves dogs. But she may be lying because she has those evil,devious looks.

    Hhhmmm.... I vote for Mason.

  6. Even though I'm late to vote, I would have voted for Hal :) He reminds me of my fat cat, Gairy, who loves to hang out in my cemetery.


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