Thursday, April 5, 2012

I did not know

that this existed......a frog candle snuffer....and here I was blissfully happy with my "very like the one I used in church" version.....this is way better......

..I need one....well, maybe not...did everyone hear the sad news that Dark Candles is not making candles anymore??!  They had a problem with their distributor.....very sad day for haunters....very sad...and dark...and less haunted house/graveyard/forbidden fruit smelling (wow, I guess you know my favorite scents!)....

Makes the few dozen candles in my possession very precious.....

...and rare....I think I better take my address off the interwebs, so the candle hunters do not storm my house!!

Keep away - I have attack cats!!!


  1. oh no! no more dark candles!!! will carefully conserve what I have left!

  2. First Hauntcast now this...what is becoming of the Halloween Community! Bummer!

  3. A frog candle snuffer? How appropriate. I love candle snuffer, and it reminds me: I don't light candles often enough.

  4. noooooo!!!

    also, um, won't you worry about burning the frog's butt? seems worse than waterboarding, if you ask me...


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