Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween and Hobbits

how could it get any better!

It is not the Davis Graveyard

I finally got to see the documentary The American Scream, which we have been looking forward to - we have met most of the haunters featured and love their work.

We were also mentioned in the film.

Sadly - they showed our name with someone else's video footage.

What you see in the show is NOT the Davis Graveyard - it is some other haunt.

We want to apologize to that haunter - we do not know who it is, but trust us, we did not know about this.  We did not want to take credit for something that is not ours.

We will contact the filmmaker, but I am sure there is nothing they can do at this point.

If anyone knows the haunt that was featured. please tell them sorry for us - and it looks like a great haunt.

Anyone that has seen the Davis Graveyard will immediately know that that is not our work - I am  a bit disappointed that our name is now attached to that type of haunt - great as it is - it is not our style.  Not even close.

Oh well, life goes on.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Friday, October 26, 2012

I could not agree more!!

Is this the coolest thing ever

or what?

OMG!  Just wow!!

"No" means

"NOOOOO....cut the other line....for the love of all that is good in the world!!! Do not cut here!!!"

When we are marking panels with grout or cut lines....we do it right EVERY time....we never *&^% up and need to clearly mark the area NOT to cut.

Basically that says....I screwed up/changed my mind....cut the other line.

Which usually works, but not always, I have been know to cut the wrong line...more times than I would like to admit.

Just incase you thought that the Davis Graveyard was all perfect and me my friends....we make a LOT of mistakes...some of them over and over again.

Happy Haunting!

He was not as amused

as we were :)

Here is Hal in a Halloween hat.

I barely excaped with my you can tell from the look on his face.

Yes, Hal got caviar for dinner that is how I bartered for my life!

That and the hat has to go!

Post in the comments that you want the hat and I will draw a winner on Sunday night - and Priority Mail out the hat on Monday morning.

If he does not shred it before then.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It is a complicated

how-to description, but we uploaded pictures and a brief how-to for the Mourning Angel (husband calls it the Weeping Angel - I think to attract the Doctor Who fans.)

Here is the link.  Check it out and be sure to vote for us and rate us 5 stars :)

Weeping Angel Instructables

Here are a few sample sure to check out Instructables for more details.

You know it is Halloween in Milwaukie

at least in downtown.....when Dark Horse puts pumpkins and cobwebs on their office display.

Another reason I love this town!

There used to be a house not far from

us that REALLY decorated for Halloween - not the same style, but definately the same passion.  In fact we were always the "other" house.  

Sadly they moved away and sold their decorations.  We wondered what happened to them.

Then the other day on Facebook a lady sent me a sweet email about how much her son LOVED our house and really wanted to learn to make tombstones for his birthday.  She told me she was the daughter of the people that lived in the other house and how they just love ours.

Sadly I had to tell her that our classes are for 18+ only - for many reasons.  Sorry, we could not make an exception.  She seemed pretty bummed.

I told her that we always traded out about six tombstones a year and I could hold one out for him if he wanted.

She said yes, then I knew the perfect one to give him.

This is one of the older tombstones - has to be at least 10 years plus, sorry to see it go, but I think it has the perfect new home where it will be well loved.

Halloween just makes me so happy sometime :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

I sanded the faces off cherebs

And it was a happy/good thing.

Because I replaced them with skulls. I have to say, I found the whole piece much improved!  I am happier....the cherubs are happier...the world just got a little better/scarier - are they not the same?!???!

This is one of the new "Halloweenified" pieces I added to my Etsy store.  They are all one of a kind pieces that I create - love making them to share with the Halloween people!

Cannot you just see that both these cherubs are saying: "We are outta here dude....with these new faces.....the world is ours.  I say we head to Vegas baby!!"

I will hold them in a (special) box until they are sold....but after that, my friends, they are your problem. All I can say is keep a lock on your liquor cabinet!

Check it a few other (hopefully) more behaved pieces:

We love supporting the community

 Here are more pictures of the dancers at their fundraiser open house at the Graveyard.

Special thanks this weekend to Dawn (one of the crew) who was able to get us some great coverage in the local paper this weekend for our community involvement!  She rocks.

Thanks to all the crew that worked their butts off a few weekends back to make this happen!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Should I try to put Hal

in a frog dog costume?

As my good blog friend Michael stated...not without a box of bandages!!

When they do not work

that is what I call them.

This is likely just a bad font choice.  I would by them just for the box!

Friday, October 19, 2012

I think Hal might be

a zombie.

This last week he has managed to catch and kill a variety of squirrels and mice.

And like the good cat that he is, he brings them to me.

........sans the heads.  He eats those.

Maybe I need to change the cat food......

Yeah, I think I better not let him sleep with us at night....just to be safe.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Well, now i know who will win

the zombie apocalypse is a big surprise  but it looks like the Power Rangers is where I am betting my money! :D

This is awesome!

I wish they had these

when I was a kid!

Walking Dead Army men!!  Awesome!

Dais Graveyard set up through the eyes

Of our good friend Bryan Dorr....who was thankfully the photographer that day....these pictures tell a story that sometimes I am too busy to remember...thanks my friend!

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