Monday, October 1, 2012

Wow, this picture got around fast

It ended up on Tumblr (so I hear, I could not find it) - and made it to the FB page called Everyday is Halloween - it has over 104 shares....and a lot of comments.

Thanks to Hellmouth Haunted House for making sure that the post was changed to show that this prop is at the Davis Graveyard.

I think someone even posted that they thought it was in a real cemetery.

Here is the picture from a real cemetery that was our inspiration.

I do have the best crew on the planet......

Time Immemorial (in Latin) is carved in the base.....thus we call him "Time".

I am looking forward to getting some good night photos of him - should have them later this week or early next week.  We were out in the yard tonight and realise that we are going to have to do some creative minispot light is going to be stunning.

If you think "Time" (his name) is good.....wait until you see the new angel and the new mausoleum.


  1. Wow just amazing! Not to mention spooky!

  2. I need a "crew". Even a motley one. ;)

  3. When your good your good! Wish I could get a handle on your colors. Is that post work on the photo for that second photo?

  4. I absolutly love Time. Beautiful piece. Can't wait to see the angel and mausoleum. You guys have out done yourselves :)

  5. Gorgeous! Nothing is grim as the Grim Reaper.

  6. That is way too cool. It just screams ominous and foreboding. Excellent work.

  7. that is awesome! i wish i lived nearby and could check out the graveyard in person. :-(


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