Friday, October 19, 2012

I think Hal might be

a zombie.

This last week he has managed to catch and kill a variety of squirrels and mice.

And like the good cat that he is, he brings them to me.

........sans the heads.  He eats those.

Maybe I need to change the cat food......

Yeah, I think I better not let him sleep with us at night....just to be safe.


  1. Might I suggest not letting him eat "screws". It would be difficult to explain to the vet and Jeff might get upset if he finds out.

  2. How thoughtful! And lovely portrait of the zombie/killer too ;O)

  3. BRAAAAIIIINNNNSSSS! They make his fur nice and shiny.

  4. I think your cat is too elegant to be a zombie, he is either a devil or a vampire.


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