Monday, October 22, 2012

I sanded the faces off cherebs

And it was a happy/good thing.

Because I replaced them with skulls. I have to say, I found the whole piece much improved!  I am happier....the cherubs are happier...the world just got a little better/scarier - are they not the same?!???!

This is one of the new "Halloweenified" pieces I added to my Etsy store.  They are all one of a kind pieces that I create - love making them to share with the Halloween people!

Cannot you just see that both these cherubs are saying: "We are outta here dude....with these new faces.....the world is ours.  I say we head to Vegas baby!!"

I will hold them in a (special) box until they are sold....but after that, my friends, they are your problem. All I can say is keep a lock on your liquor cabinet!

Check it a few other (hopefully) more behaved pieces:


  1. Awesome! Love the juxtaposition of skulls and chubby little winged cherub bodies.

  2. I love this. You just solved a decade long issue of mine. We have a powder room with creepy cherubs stuck to the wall with Quickcrete. Yes. I know. Previous occupant was an artist who went off her meds. Some of the things she did were awesome and I kept. Others, not so much.

    Since I cannot physically remove the cherubs from my plaster wall because the Quickcrete soaked into the lathe, I have a sweet and cutesy powder room. No more.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my Pumpkin Heart.

  3. I think cherubs might be just as scary. Chubby babies with wings?

  4. Your pieces are darkly beautiful indeed!


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