Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Who will buy....

my Frog Queen follies?

Sometimes, I like to make things that don't go in the yard.....a huge surprise to everyone, I am sure.  Where does she find the time?  I have no idea......

Sometimes the only way to improve something or give it a second life is to put a skull on it!

That being said,  sometimes faux flowers are just too pretty for their own a skull is the perfect answer

I like to put skulls on things.  So I collect found items and them work a skull into the design. (here are a few samples)

And sometimes a mold used for foam - just wants to stretch its legs and try concerete.

And sometimes it is fun to play with the whole skeleton.

This Friday, October 5th, I will be selling some of my creations at First Friday in downtown Milwaukie.  check it out, we are even listed on the vendor page!! 

I will be there with bells, I mean skulls on from 5-8 pm!

As some of you may remember, Davis Graveyard is one of the sponsors. :)

Come visit if you get a chance, whatever does not sell, goes on the Etsy store on Monday!


  1. Is that an ice bucket? HA! That's great! :)

  2. More macabre... Cool. Chilling even.

  3. Everything is better with a skull on it. These are beautiful!

  4. Great stuff you do here!
    ~Naila Moon


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