Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I know what I want for Christmas

(we seem to be all over the board here on holidays at Frog on the Pumpkin....what is up with that?)

Anyway - they are selling a replica of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland - it is located in Georgia....I could move.

I guess I better start playing the lottery!!

Check this out...maybe we can buy it as a group of haunters, everyone break open your piggy banks....this is worth it!!!


  1. I just ran downstairs and told Dad I found our new house. LOL It cracked me up when it said 'breathtaking views' and showed the shower. xD

  2. well, it needs a little bit of 'antiquing'! but ,ok, I'm in!

  3. I just happen to have 999 ghosts ready to move in. All it will need are the doombuggies, and it would be great if you had to enter the house via the stretching room.

  4. I have some pennies, silver and a few Toronto Subway tokens. Count me in.

  5. I see there is one offer for it on ebay. The money you would have to spend to make it spookily attractive on the inside is the really scary part. Upscale looking community I wonder what the neighbors think of all of this?

  6. Chris, I worked at Disneyland in my late teens, as a singer. Did you know they first opened the haunted mansion and then closed it for a few years, and then reopened it? My aging brain can't remember if it was because the first one was TOO scary, or not scary enough. It was one of those.
    I used to harmoize with Steve Martin, at the Carnation ice cream parlor on Main Street. That wasn't part of my job; I just did it for fun. I was a singer on the Tomorrowland stage. You want to know about a scary place? The underground tunnels...

    1. Amazing....we have to talk about his some more.

      My dad taking me to the Haunted Mansion when I was a wee lass is the reason I am into Halloween!!


  7. do I convince the wife that we need to buy this??? She'll probably give me "that" look when I suggest relocating to another state just to live in a replica of my favorite Disney attraction!


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