Wednesday, April 27, 2011

To my friends

Who could not make it to HAuNTcon. I brought avatars :D. Quite unwillingly I might add :D
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My bags are packed

I'm ready to go......

...okay that was really mean of me.  Good luck getting that song out of your head for the rest of the day :D

Off to HAuNTcon!  Will blog, FB and tweet as much as I can about the event.

Just a reminder to anyone that purchases a Home Haunter DVD collection will not ship until after we get back.  I tried to get the cats to it....but no good.  Something about not enough tuna in the world :)

Things have been unraveling

so much that there were more than a few moments sitting at my desk thinking how in the world can I get out of going to Hauntcon?

Several things I was part of did not go as planned.  And even with working weekends and 10 hour days I am so behind at work that I really hate leaving......I just finished typing up the last email to my coworkers a few moments is 1:30 in the am!!

Don't you hate how vacations are so much work before and after to go - or is it just my job :D

Let's hope Leonard is still talking to me at the end of the convention.  And the rest of you have not deserted me :D

....cause right now....for the first time in a while I am actually excited about going to much so that I cannot sleep.

Looking forward to seeing my friends, and meeting new ones.  Hiding from Leonard...I will spend most of the time hiding behind husband. :D

Taking and teaching classes and seminars.......buying all kinds of cool haunt stuff...walking through new haunts.

Taking the crew with us.  Scary and exciting! Did I hype the event too much???!!  Will they say "WTF?" FQ - again :D

Best of all....meeting some people that will be my new "family".

Talking to our haunt friends about our new replacement ruined catherdral project......there is a reason we did not start design until after HAuNTcon :D

Looking forward to, and dreading seeing Tattoo (Mike from Bad Boys) - we pale in comparison is this going to end well?

And are we going to build a graveyard in a day?

...I guess we are going to find out.

See you all at HAuNTcon!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I posted this on

Facebook....but I had to post it here - because I am living proof that this saying is true.  I like it so much I taped it up in my office.  I makes me laugh in between crying :)

You cannot make everyone happy.
But you sure can piss them all off at the same time.

Oh, yes, yes you can. :D

I will be back to blogging soon.....that is if anyone is still taking to me :D

Back to prop building everyone!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

HAuNTcon App for Droid!

Very cool! No need for this printed program I have spent my life working on! :D
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

If you go to HAuNTcon

you can blame Leonard personally for why I have been so absent on the blog scene for a lot longer than I planned.  If it is any consultation.......the program for the convention (which is 60 pages worth!) is frickin' amazing, by the way....and so are the signs and the daily newsletter.....and the Make-N-Takes will be awesome. And what ever else we are doing....I am trying not to think of it, makes my head hurt  :D

No, really, we love LP - great guy and could not find a nice haunt community person to helped.  Truly the Frog Queen is very glad to be part of the whole event.  No thanks necessary......well, except.....

I just expect a well stocked bar at the hospitality suite!! FQ and crew loves their Capitan Morgan (wink, wink!)

Back to all of you!!!

Anyway - big apology to all of you for being such a bad blogger and friend.  I promise to pick up some cool things to give away on my blog when I get back.

And a very, very special "sorry" to Ed Roberts at Nightmare Factory and West Coast Haunters Convention.  I promised to help you a lot more than I have.  When I get back from Hauntcon, the week before your convention (I know I am cutting it close!) I promise to be your slave for a while.  What ever you need, I promise to help.

So, my blogger friends.....I am going to be MIA until late May....but we will be back in full force.  Remember, we are replacing the church facade this year......holy crap that is going to be a task......stick around for a front row seat at our triumph or complete failure that means the end of the Davis Graveyard!  Either way....entertaining blog posts are certain.

BTW - who won the Haunters Video Awards.....I think I remember that project....yeah...I sent an envelope to someone......

....oh look!!! Shinny thing!!


Winners will be announced

for the Home Haunter DVD Awards tonight on the Bloodshed Brothers Vblog.  I hear they have something special planned, so be sure to check it out.

Congrats in advance to the winners.

And a very special well done to EVERYONE that submitted - you all did a great job - very inspiring and I have to say I am thankful that I did not have to pick the winners :D

Back to prop building....or again in my case...working on HAuNTcon stuff. :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Haunter DVD Collection update

First, we where out of them for a while, but the DVD's are back in stock.  Order now before we sell out...again.

We are still taking requests from home haunters that cannot afford to purchase a DVD set.  Just go to the website and send us your information and we will get back to you if we can help.

The Bloodshed Brothers are doing us the honor of announcing the winners of the video awards.  (Thanks again guys!) I believe it is going to happen later this week. So if you are not a subscriber (what is wrong with you!) to their YouTube channel - sign up now!  We will post the information on the website and the forums shortly after they announce it on the Vblog.

The awards are ordered and should arrive while we are at HAuNTcon -so we will not be sending the awards out until the second week in May - they are shiny and pretty and worth the wait!! Like I have said, wish I could send you all one.  There were some very tough choices that the judges had to make - we don't envy them a bit :D

Speaking of HAuNTcon (which I am going to do a lot for awhile - just warning you :D) - We will be bringing some copies of the DVD set to the convention.  If you want to get one from us while we are there - just find one of us in a Davis Graveyard shirt and you can purchase one for $25 (no shipping cost.)   Buying a DVD will help us pay our bar tab....and we really appreciate that :D

The website....I know it sucks and it will change later this year.  It is me, I have a few people that have volunteered to help, I just have not been able to make it work in my schedule.  As soon as the conventions are over, I will make that a first priority!!

Thanks everyone for playing back to prop making!!

Since my world is pretty much

all about HAuNTcon at this point....the only way I am going to be able to fit blogging in is to talk about HAuNTcon here too:

Since I am working on the program, I am gonna share.

Look who is coming to HAuNTcon....

Lesley Bannatyne is a freelance journalist and author, with five books on Halloween. Halloween, An American Holiday, an American History, A Halloween How-To, A Halloween Reader, Witches Night Before Halloween, and 2011’s Halloween Nation: Behind the Scenes of America’s Fright Night). She has shared her knowledge of Halloween on television specials for Nickelodeon and the History Channel (“The Haunted History of Halloween” and “The True Story of Halloween”), and with the likes of Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal. She has also given talks at venues as diverse as the 2000 Halloween Convergence in New Orleans and the St. Louis Art Museum. She contributed the Halloween article to World Book Encyclopedia. With the help of many compatriots, Lesley held the Guinness World Record for “Largest Halloween Gathering” from October 2007-09. Check out her web site at

GREG BROCK: (Writer/Producer/Director)
 Gregory W. Brock began writing screenplays when he was a teenager, starting with a script entitled, “Juggles.” In 2004, he launched Silver Chain Films and filmed “Juggles,” building the path towards his filmmaking dreams. Shortly after “Juggles,” “Redneck Fury” was born. He then began entering 48 hour film contests in Louisville (2006 and 2007), where he developed a friendship with Jacob Ennis of Tuckywood Productions. Since that time, Greg and Jacob have competed in two straight 48 hour film projects (2007 and 2008) with “48 Hour Massacre” and “Tea Party,” and have written two scripts together: “To Kill a Janitor” and “Red River,” which is currently available from Bloody Earth Films. Another screenplay in the horror genre is in the works. In 2008, Greg filmed a few shorts: “Disheveled,” “Midnight Hour” and “Scratchoffs.” He also participated in several projects with other filmmakers, which include: “Shoot The Moon” and “Room 110” with DBC Entertainment, ZP International’s “Bunker of Blood” and “Hell-ephone,” as well as “The Legacy” with Jason Crowe. There are several projects on Greg’s plate in 2011, including a remake of “Juggles.” It promises to be a great year for Silver Chain Films. See news and updates from Silver Chain at

A Kentucky native, Jason started his film career with a bang, landing the lead role in the now cult classic zombie film, “Dead Moon Rising.” Jason’s comedic portrayal of Jim, the car rental clerk turned hero, boosted him into the spotlight. After DMR, Jason went on to star in ZP International’s “Hell-ephone,” alongside genre veterans Ari Lehman (Jason from the original “Friday The 13th”) and John Dugan (Grandpa from the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”). Jason also starred in “Little Sex Shop of Horrors” and the newly released “Red River,” as the cannibalistic savage Hamburger Head! Jason can currently be seen in Stephen Zimmer’s “Swordbearer.”
Since breaking into film as an actor, Jason has also found himself behind the scenes, making his directorial debut with the 80’s slasher homage “The Legacy.” “The Legacy” also stars Crowe, Roni Jonah (who co-wrote and co-directed the film), professional wrestling legend Al Snow and indie film veterans Jim O’Rear (“The Deepening”) and Daniel Emery Taylor (“The Return Of Swamp Thing”).
Crowe’s second film as actor/director is the horror feature, “Hell House.” “Hell House” was filmed inside Kentucky and Indiana’s largest and most frightening haunted attractions, Industrial Nightmare and the Haunted Hotel. HH stars Crowe, Jonah, Snow, O’Rear, Taylor, model and indie horror star Stacey Dixon, 5 time MMA champion and hall of famer Dale Miller and female wrestling star April Hunter.
Currently, Crowe is working on the Christmas horror film “Nightmare on 34th Street,” written and directed by Crowe, and starring TJ Moreschi. Also in the works is the zombie comedy “The Zombie Movie,” written by Jonah and Crowe. Get ready, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

(Special Effects Artist and Reality TV Personality)
Tom Devlin has been working professionally as a special makeup effects artist for 11 years. If you’ve ever met Tom, it is clear that monsters, horror movies and Halloween are not just a job for him, but a passion. Through his company 1313FX, Tom has provided creatures and special makeup effects on over 80 feature films. Within the last few years, Tom has been expanding his business with the 1313FX Fright Zone, to include creature creation for the haunted attraction industry. Tom recently appeared as a contestant on the SyFy Channel reality series “Face Off” and is currently climbing the low budget FX ladder, constantly checking names off the list of people he’s always wanted to work with.

No information available at time of print

(Actor) – Appearing Saturday and Sunday ONLY

With over 6’6” of physical presence Casey Hendershot was destined to be one of the few men to ever portray one of the most famous Serial Killers in Cinema history; made famous by John Carpenter’s iconic film HALLOWEEN. 13 Men have worn the mask and 2 have portrayed Michael as a boy. Casey portrayed Michael Myers in the 2007 Rob Zombie Remake of Halloween. The legacy of Michael Myers at Halloween is evident by the music that is heard in most Haunted Attractions at some point in their tour. Casey’s film credits include AVATAR, CROSS, DEADLY WARRIOR, SEMI-PRO, IN THE NAME OF THE KING and most recently appears in the up coming Marvel Comic movie THOR. Each October, Casey appears as a celebrity at Haunted Attractions across America.

Impossible to ignore, “Rock Star” Roni Jonah has journeyed among some of the most outrageous worlds in existence: rock ‘n roll, pro-wrestling, and horror films!
A popular Ohio Valley Wrestling personality, Roni was best known as the manager of Mike Mizanin (WWE’s The Miz). She was also a dynamic competitor, mixing it up with several of the sport’s best female stars, including Victoria, Beth Phoenix, Shelly “Ariel” Martinez, Daffney, and Kelly Kelly. Roni never backed down from men, either, confronting many of wrestling’s top names, including Elijah Burke. She also got a (non-consensual) gigantic wet kiss from WWE legend The Big Show for her trouble!
Before ever stepping into the ring, Roni perfected her “Rock Star” persona as bassist for the underground band Gothic Mayhem. She was actually able to meld this into her wrestling career, often smashing her bass over an opponent’s head.
Not content to own just the stage and the ring, she has recently made the transition to the silver screen. She made her film debut in ZP International’s “Hell-ephone,” alongside genre veterans Ari Lehman (Jason from the original “Friday The 13th”), John Dugan (Grandpa from the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), Jim O’Rear (“The Deepening”), Daniel Emery Taylor (“The Return Of Swamp Thing”), and Alex Del Monacco (former Playboy Playmate). From there, she appeared in independent favorites such as “Little Sex Shop Of Horrors”, “Steam Punk” and “Red River.”
Roni has continued her film career as one of the core members of Feathered Italian Films, making her directorial debut with the acclaimed short “Trepan.” She also had a big hand in the production of FIF’s premier feature film “The Legacy” and its sequel, “Hell House,” handling co-directing duties, writing, special effects, and acting in both films. Not content to sit on the sidelines, Roni is attacking cinema with the same voracity she used in the wrestling ring directing her next two films “Lesferatu: Lesbian Chain Saw Vampires” and “The Zombie Movie”! Be afraid to go to the theatre! Check out Romi’s Facebook page at

Nathan Thomas Milliner was born and raised in Louisville, KY. He has been a comic book writer/artist for over 10 years, including the titles “The Malevolent,” “Girl Number Three” and “Final Days.” He has been a staff artist and writer for HorrorHound Magazine since 2008. Nate served as a writer and performer on the sketch comedy series “The Necroville Picture Show” and wrote, performed and produced the 2009 slasher/revenge film “Girl Number Three,” based on his comic of the same name. Nate is currently working on a series of original horror prints titled “MONSTERS & MADMEN,” and just began production on his new film, “A Wish for the Dead,” also based on one of his comics. Nate is serving as both writer and director of “Wish,” his directorial debut.  He lives in Louisville with his wife, Brenda and their daughter, Lily.

At a young age, Kayla Perkins is already quickly making a name for herself. Kayla recently had the honor to work with renowned indie filmmaker George Bonilla on his upcoming feature film, Hell-ephone. The role of Madison Monroe was demanding and challenging for Kayla, but she won the cast and crew over with her performance. “She just blew us away with her acting ability and work ethic. It was hard to believe she was new to the business. She has the skills of a seasoned pro,” said director George Bonilla. Kayla has landed several lead and featured roles in 2011. She loves acting, and has been honored to work with so many talented filmmakers in her area. Kayla can also be seen in the upcoming major motion pictures, “Big Momma’s House 3,” “Dreamer,” “Love Don’t Let Me Down” and Disney’s “Secretariat,” and has starring roles in independent features “The Runaway,” “Nightmare Fuel” and “Halloween Homecoming.” You can also catch her in “Hell House,” “Haunted KY,” “Cry,” “Haddonfield,” “Mountain Mafia,” “The Legacy,” “Devil’s Playground,” “The Girl,” “Red River,” “Santa Vs. Zombies” and more.
Kayla is a Dream Calendar Model. She posed for Miss August 2009 Dream Girl. She has been featured in Supermodels Unlimited Magazine as a Rising Star, The Next Supermodel. Kayla also worked as a music video dancer in Alan Jackson’s “Good Time,” Montgomery Gentry’s “My Town,” Doyle Lawson’s “Sadie” and many more. Kayla has done TV commercials, runway fashion shows, billboard modeling and catalog modeling for clothing companies.
In her spare time, Kayla volunteer work and aids several organizations in raising money for charities. Her community efforts have not gone unnoticed. Kayla is a former Junior Miss Kentucky, and in 2009 she received a “Proclamation Award” from Mayor Karen Tingle-Sames and the City of Georgetown for her outstanding achievements. You can learn more about this up and coming face of the acting and modeling world at

DICK STARR: (Artist)
Dubbed “One of the 15 sickest artists in America” by Girls and Corpses Magazine, Dick Starr has embedded himself nicely into the horror community. Born right before Halloween in 1978 on the island of Oahu, Dick has always had a fondness for horror and the macabre. Add to his bloody drawings a twisted sense of humor, and you’ll understand why his early art got sent home by teachers on a regular basis.
In 2003, after studying Sequential Art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, Dick Starr began doing art professionally. Starting off with tattoos, portraits and logo design for private clients, small businesses and websites, he eventually got picked up by Ghetto Skateboards for several custom pieces. Since then, Dick’s work has been featured in numerous galleries, magazines, books, album covers and comics around the world.
In late 2006, Dick began picking off famous idiots with “The Celebrity Death Poll”…a rotating list of awful celebrities up for an artistic execution. In less than one year, The Celebrity Death Poll became a regular feature in Girls and Corpses Magazine. Currently, Starr’s resume boasts clients like fighters from the UFC, Full Tilt Poker, Suicide Girls and legendary producer/director Charles Band. If you aren’t already familiar with Dick Starr’s nightmarish creations…you will be. Consider yourself warned.

Born and raised in Louisville, KY, Streble received a theater scholarship to Indiana University Southeast in 2004, where she has performed many times on the Robinson Stage, including parts as: Meg (Crimes of the Heart), Catherine (Proof), Corrinna (House of Blue Leaves), Beverly (The Shadowbox) and Sarah (Company). Her regional theatre credits include: Val (Murder on the Hill), Alice (The Strange Case of Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde) and Maggie (Ashes to Ashes). In television, she has performed as various characters in The Necroville Picture Show, directed by Herschel H. Zahnd III. She met the director and his wife, Mary Ellen Riehl, when performing in A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum at IUS, and they have since established a close personal and professional relationship. While Girl Number Three marks her first film role as a featured actress, she also holds a small part in Hell House, directed by Jason Crowe.

HERSCHEL H. ZAHND III: (Actor/Director)
Herschel H. Zahnd III is an actor, singer, writer, director and producer. He enjoys any and all aspects of the theatrical life. He has appeared in over 150 Stage productions, with dozens of companies, including: The Alley Theater; Kentucky Opera; Actor’s Theater of Louisville; Indiana University Southeast; Bluegrass Theater Guild; Sight & Sound Productions; The Louisville Rep; As Yet Unnamed Theater Co. and many others. Most recently, he appeared as Sweeney in Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street  at the Alley Theater, and will next appear as David Frost in Frost\Nixon with Foundation Studios, and as Dr. Horrible  in Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog at the Alley Theater. He has appeared in the feature films How You Look To Me, with Frank Langella, and Dreamer, with Kurt Russell. In 2006, Herschel founded Renegade Art Productions, with his wife Mary Ellen Riehl. RAP’s first project, Murder on the Hill, written and directed by Herschel, played for two months at the historic Waverly Hills Sanitarium. Branching out into independent filmmaking, he has produced and directed the feature film Girl Number Three, and the award winning short film, Tolerance. He and the RAP crew are currently in production on their 2nd feature, A Wish for the Dead. On the television front, Herschel produced the original sitcom, The Necroville Picture Show, which ran for 12 episodes on The CW Louisville. Herschel holds an A.A. in Theater and a B.A. in Speech Communications from Indiana University S.E.

So come on to HAuNTcon and stalk some celebrities with me!!!  

BTW - that is so much easier to cut and paste into a blog entry than to try to lay it out with pictures and what not for a printed program :D

Monday, April 18, 2011

Stacked Books with Skull and Candle Make-N-Take SOLD OUT!

Stacked Books with Skull and Candle Make-N-Take SOLD OUT!

Make-N-Take number seven, the ”Stacked Books with Skull and Candle” for Saturday April 30, 10:30-11:30am and 2:30-3:30pm is SOLD OUT! And several other of the fantastic Make-N-Takes are close to being full as well, so if you want to take advantage of these great hands on classes, sign up TODAY! CLICK HERE to see the exciting classes that are still available.

We sold out one of our classes even before registration!!! Woohoo!!!

Still room in many of the other classes. Check out the full schedule for details.

See you at Hauntcon!!!

And we have a winner

or two, or ten :)

We got all the votes in from the judges over the weekend for the Home Haunter DVD collection awards!  Woohoo!  We cannot say thanks enough to all the haunters that agreeed to judge this year - you are the best and we could not do this without you!!   Thank you , thank you, thank you!!

I created the envelopes yesterday and wax sealed them all in black envelopes.....we are ready to make the announcement!

So if you have not heard, in our effort to really turn this whole DVD and award process into a haunt community event we have asked the Bloodshed Brothers to announce the winners on their Vblog - Academy Awards style. (thanks guys for helping us out!)

We know they will do us proud, so looking forward to seeing what they come up with.  I am mailing them out to them today so check their blog in the next few days to find out the winners!

A big thanks again to all you haunters that submitted, if I had my way I would give you all an award, everyone did a great job!  Here is to Halloween 2011 - remember to film and take pictures of your haunt for next years DVD collection.

Now back to prop making or in my case - back to working on the HAuNTcon convention program!!

Friday, April 15, 2011


Or at least that is the plan! At our charity wine auction tonight an this is in the silent auction. Ghost wine will be mine.
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I just want to survive today

It is funny - my partner in crime for the big shindig I have going on today sent me this email last last night....cause we are both working late into the evening at this point.

"Funny how a WINE auction can drive a person to DRINK!!!"

So true. 

Today is our 9th Annual Credit Unions for Kids Wine Auction at work - big fancy deal, evening gowns and tuxes and people spending lots of money on wine....for a good cause it is for our local children's hospital.  So as much work and stress as it is.....I keep remember we are doing it for the kids :)

I am one of the co-conspirators on this event, and it is big and scary and a LOT of work and I can hardly wait until Saturday morning when this is all over and I can focus on important HAuNTcon and West Coast Haunters Convention! :D

I should be back to regular blogging after the weekend.  Missed you guys!!


Thursday, April 14, 2011

EFX TEK at Hauntcon

2011 Vendor Spotlight- 4/14

One of the reasons I love going to the conventions is hooking up with some our vendor friends. Over the years we have gotten to spend a lot of time with both John and Jon from EFX-TEK - we love their controllers and taking their classes - and they are just great guys to hang with. Great controllers and supererior support - cannot say enough nice things about these guys! One of our favorite vendors!

See you at HAuNTcon and WCHC!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Speaking of videos

You so gotta see this - the teaser video from Love Manor.  Woohoo!

And, no, unfortunately,  not on the DVD collection....but a frog queen can wish.  Maybe someday.  Definitely subscribe to his channel so you can see the complete video when he is done.  From this trailer it is going to be worth the wait!!!

If you waited to order

your Haunter DVD Collection, you are going to have to wait a bit longer. We are currently out and have another order at the duplicator right now. We are expecting them next week sometime.

Want to say thanks to the few buyers that had problems playing them and for being so understanding about our sending another set....and then having to send another disk - again. Wow, when we mess up, we do it right! :D

A special apology to the very kind  iZombie - who has offered to help me with the a banner and logo for the site (we all know it really needs it!)and Pumpkinbrain who has offered to help with the programming - I have just been too busy with work and HAuNTcon to get back to that project. I promise to make time as soon as I can. Looking forward to seeing that site live up to the quality of the DVD collection :)

Also quick note that we will be at HAuNTcon (please join us!) from April 26th - through May 3rd - so we if you order during that time we will not be able to ship to you until we get back. I could ask the cats to do it for me while we are gone....but I can't imagine that working out well for anyone.

Hope everyone enjoyed the DVD collection - we have learned so much this year - they will be even better in 2011! Remember to film your haunts this year!!

Back to working....wish I was prop making! :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

So busy!

Only time for LOLcats! Good thing they had a zombie one this weekend or I would have nothing to post here :)

funny pictures - That's what friends are for.
see more Lolcats and funny pictures, and check out our Socially Awkward Penguin lolz!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

So I spent some time

on a marketing conference call this am and we started to talk about YouTube - they asked if anyone in the group had a YouTube page -we (my work) was the only one, but there is not much to it.  So it was not a good example.  As a last resort they asked us if anyone had a personal one did but me.

Now I usually do not mention my hobby at work - everyone is very normal, so I sorta keep to myself.  But for some reason I said..."well, yeah, my hobby has a site"  She pauses and says "Thanks, but I am looking for something a bit bigger."

I think "Wait a minute, you did not even ask me what it was?  It is not like I collect spoons or anything...really, that kinda hurt my feelings." But I don't say that. 

Then someone ask, "So what is your hobby that you actually have a YouTube page?"

"It is Halloween related. We make Halloween decorations."

Someone else says "Halloween is a big retail marketing, let's take a look at her YouTube site!"

Again...I think "Yeah it is a retail boon these days.....but if you are looking for my site to sell you Wal-Mart and Halloween Store stuff you are going to be disappointed." :)

So the person leading the class types "Halloween decorations" into the YouTube search.

Many, many yard haunts with hits in the 50K to 25K hits show up, we go through about 10 pages of yard haunts. They are very impressed.  "So are any of these yours?"

"Ah, well, no."

"Really? Let's look for it directly. Does your page have a name?"

She types it in and our page comes up.

"Wow" is the collective response.

I meant it would be after seeing 100's of plastic pumpkins and chattering skulls and the same latex zombie mask over and over :)  Nothing wrong with those.... ours is just different.

So everyone is asking how the stuff is made and I have the usual "Foam."  Really?  "Yes, foam."  That goes on so long that I almost want to say "No, you got me, they are all carved out of stone!"

But I don't.

She did go on to explain to me (and I should have known this) why our site gets so few hits.

The word Halloween is not in any of our descriptions or titles.  Someone searching for "Halloween decorations" will not see us unless you are looking for Davis Graveyard specifically.

Now, there is something to be said for obscurity.....but there is also something to be said for being popular :D

Not that I want to do it so that I will get more hits.....but I would like our stuff to come up more readily.  Just so we can show people a version of what is possible.  And come on, all of us want to be noticed :)

So I pass this on to you, fellow haunters.  Change your YouTube descriptions and or titles to include the word "Halloween" - might help your display videos come up more in YouTube searches.

Back to prop building.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

So I working away

on the program for HAuNTcon and I get to the celebrities section.  Always fun to see who will be there, looking forward to this.  And guess who the first person on the list is?

Lesley Bannatyne!!

I met her a few HAuNTcons ago and she was delightful.  I doubt she will remember who I am, so I look forward to meeting her again.

This year's HAuNTcon just keeps getting better and better!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

She found a bit of sun

in the window this weekend. Seems to bring out the cute in my normally crazy Dorie cat. In this picture you would almost think she is normal - but look carefully, you can still see the "crazy" in her eyes!  :)
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My favorite folly

Over the years I have created (and had people create for me) many Chris "frog queen" follies.  These are things that rarely end up in the yard that I just want to make for myself - just a folly.  No real purpose other than to make me smile.

To date, this is not only the most expensive folly, but in turn, the most complicated.

May I present my luminary.

This was inspired by my many years for catholic school, not a big fan of churches, except I like the decor and the architecture.  So when I saw that EFX-TEK had this very realistic flickering light controlling system, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

After three years of building and unbuilding this prop, I think it is finally done.  I currently sits in my soon to be remodeled office.   When that is all done I will share a video so you can see how great it looks when it is plugged in and working in a dark room.

Yes, this is definitely my favorite folly.

Here is a rough "how it was done" - not enough info to call it a "how to"

First you go to the Rocky Mountain Haunters Gathering in Salt Lake City.  Great haunters, great time.  Well you don't "have to" - but that is how it started for me.

They you go to a workshop at one of the haunters house where EFX-TEK preaches the gospel according to BASIC stamp :)

You see on their price list they have this candle kit.  Since you are not a programmer....except a bit through osmosis....your mind wanders and you think of ideas.

Ideas like I wonder if I could build one of those candle things they have in churches.

I as Jon and he says he thinks it would work.  We talk about what we would need and I end up buying a ridiculous amount of WickLED lights and a handful of prop controllers.....this going to be fun.

I spend the next couple months tracking down white votive candles and drilling holes in the bottom of them so the WickLED lights can fit in them.

Husband makes me the base, and makes me a collection box for the front and a small box on the side for matches. After a bit of programing on the Prop SX.   I have my luminary.

At this point I am happy with the drippy wax candle....but not really happy.

I want the candles to be in red candle holders like in church.

So we try drilling through glass candle out of four survived. :(

One friend recommended that I trade Halloween props with a glass maker to make me the votive cups.

Nice idea....that gives husband the idea that he can just mold them out of clear resin tinted red.

So he takes the first holder....the most is too small and complicated and is a disaster.

We try again....with the actually holder I really wanted, but thought it would take up too much resin.  He molds it with a bit of clay at the top to make a void in the pour for the light to fit through.


Except this is February and the resin is taking all day to cure.  At this rate it will take 48 days to pour all the holders I want.  :(

The sun comes out and it gets warmer....we can maybe mange two in a day!! Woohoo!

By May I have all the moulds poured and read to go.

I see the many, many hours we have put into this prop and think....we should really do it right.

I would like the piece to look like iron rather than metal....which would be difficult, so I will go for just creating some scroll work and cutting it out of 1/8 thin wood.

I design some scroll work and we cut four copies of it with the scroll saw - two for the front and one for each side.  I sand them all out with a dremel to get off the rough edges.

We attach them to the existing frame.  I then clean up all the excess wax from the last version, tape off all the lights and their small circuit board and got to town on it with a can of black gloss spray paint.

I take dark gray and lightly dry brush it to bring out some details in the scroll work.

Then I remove the tape (I used frog tape :D) from the lights and circuit boards and put the candles in the votive cups and hot glue them down to the base.

It is about as perfect as it is going to get.

Like I said when I get to remodeling my office I will take video of it in action...just need a bit of incense some priest speaking Latin, nuns in habits and some church music and I will be back in primary school :D

Oh, and don't tell husband yet, but I have one more idea before this is perfect :D

Monday, April 4, 2011

Something just flew and landed

on my steering wheel as I was driving home on Friday night.  I thought (okay, let's say "hoped") that is was a small flying thing......anything...anything that had wings.....and not eight legs.

I do not need my glasses to drive, but I do to sometimes the small details in front of me are hard to see.

Small details like what the *&%$! that is now on my steering wheel?!?

No, it could not be....really, maybe the wings just look like legs?

No, no denying it....those are legs....eight of them. (my vision goes back to 20/20 when there is a spider in the area)

It is a *&%^#$@# SPIDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Must not faint....must not faint......must....get it the hell off my steering wheel.

....without crashing the car.....that would be a good idea.

Can we pull, I am in the fast lane.

It is friday night, I had to work late all week.....I just wanted to get home so me and my car/rocket ship are in the fast lane speeding home a bit over the speed limint......just a bit ;)

I have heard stories about how car accidents could be caused by spiders.

I understand that now....completely.

I am sure it was just seconds, but it seemed like a life time before I got my wits about me to come up with a plan.

And I only had one shot.

While keeping one hand on the wheel.....we have to bat the spider off the steering wheel.

We only have one shot at this, if I mess it up....he could land on my lap.

Just as the screaming in my head started again, I did it.

I swatted the spider.  (See I am making progress -  I actually "touched" a spider.)

In extra slow motion it flies through the car and lands on the dash board.

Not great I was hoping it would disappear into another dimenion.

But the dash board will have to do.

Just to let you know.....I am a fairly responsible this time I am in the far right lane planning to pull over before I kill anyone - I am thoughtful, I do not want to ruin anyones weekend.

I then notice that it is really flat and not moving. Woohoo!  I have magical spider killing powers!!!

I am happy and sad.....sad, because as much as I hate spiders, I hate killing animals...even bugs and spiders (except slugs....all bets are off with them) but I am partly happy that I will not have to deal with it and can continue home without having to pull over and spend 20 minutes chasing a spider around my car!

Crisis diverted!  It is going to be a good weekend!


ooooh, just moved.

Not dead.  Not good.

It is climbing up a web it must have made earlier from the dashboard. (lovely.)

I try to watch him crawl around and watch the road...doing neither one very well.

He climbs from the mirror to the he could go two ways at this point - prefered would be towards the passenger side of the car.....away from me.

I am trying to use my mind to will him that direction....unsuccessfully as expected.

He heads towards me.  He is once again hanging directly in front of my face....ready to drop down on the steering wheel again.

This really cannot be happening.

At this point....something snapped in my head.  I had to get him away from me before I crashed my car..... way was I going to try to bat him again.  No sirree - courage is now all gone! My spider touching days are over!

So I reach in my purse and pull out a small lint brush and without hesitating I hit the spider towards the passenger side and throw the link brush after it.

I did all this without crashing the car.

I would have been more impressed if I had not been in shock.

I drove the rest of the way home in silence, I turned off the radio.....I wanted to hear him coming as he crawled back to finish the job :D

I got home and told husband.  Without missing a beat he says "We have to go car shoppimg this weekend don't we?"

"Yes, yes we do." :)

Always great to listen

to Leonard talk about HAuNTcon - you can just tell by the way he talks about it that this is his passion.  Gotta respect and love that!

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