Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If you waited to order

your Haunter DVD Collection, you are going to have to wait a bit longer. We are currently out and have another order at the duplicator right now. We are expecting them next week sometime.

Want to say thanks to the few buyers that had problems playing them and for being so understanding about our sending another set....and then having to send another disk - again. Wow, when we mess up, we do it right! :D

A special apology to the very kind  iZombie - who has offered to help me with the a banner and logo for the site (we all know it really needs it!)and Pumpkinbrain who has offered to help with the programming - I have just been too busy with work and HAuNTcon to get back to that project. I promise to make time as soon as I can. Looking forward to seeing that site live up to the quality of the DVD collection :)

Also quick note that we will be at HAuNTcon (please join us!) from April 26th - through May 3rd - so we if you order during that time we will not be able to ship to you until we get back. I could ask the cats to do it for me while we are gone....but I can't imagine that working out well for anyone.

Hope everyone enjoyed the DVD collection - we have learned so much this year - they will be even better in 2011! Remember to film your haunts this year!!

Back to working....wish I was prop making! :)

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