Friday, April 15, 2011

I just want to survive today

It is funny - my partner in crime for the big shindig I have going on today sent me this email last last night....cause we are both working late into the evening at this point.

"Funny how a WINE auction can drive a person to DRINK!!!"

So true. 

Today is our 9th Annual Credit Unions for Kids Wine Auction at work - big fancy deal, evening gowns and tuxes and people spending lots of money on wine....for a good cause it is for our local children's hospital.  So as much work and stress as it is.....I keep remember we are doing it for the kids :)

I am one of the co-conspirators on this event, and it is big and scary and a LOT of work and I can hardly wait until Saturday morning when this is all over and I can focus on important HAuNTcon and West Coast Haunters Convention! :D

I should be back to regular blogging after the weekend.  Missed you guys!!



  1. It may be a lot of work, but it still sounds like fun. You get to meet people and talk about which wine complements which meals and how wines can improve a recipe.

  2. Good luck with the event! Bet everyone looks fabulous all dressed up!

  3. They make Kids wine? Or is it kids out of wine, or is it that kids whine?

    I'm confused...


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