Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Home Haunter DVD Collection update

First, we where out of them for a while, but the DVD's are back in stock.  Order now before we sell out...again.

We are still taking requests from home haunters that cannot afford to purchase a DVD set.  Just go to the website and send us your information and we will get back to you if we can help.

The Bloodshed Brothers are doing us the honor of announcing the winners of the video awards.  (Thanks again guys!) I believe it is going to happen later this week. So if you are not a subscriber (what is wrong with you!) to their YouTube channel - sign up now!  We will post the information on the website and the forums shortly after they announce it on the Vblog.

The awards are ordered and should arrive while we are at HAuNTcon -so we will not be sending the awards out until the second week in May - they are shiny and pretty and worth the wait!! Like I have said, wish I could send you all one.  There were some very tough choices that the judges had to make - we don't envy them a bit :D

Speaking of HAuNTcon (which I am going to do a lot for awhile - just warning you :D) - We will be bringing some copies of the DVD set to the convention.  If you want to get one from us while we are there - just find one of us in a Davis Graveyard shirt and you can purchase one for $25 (no shipping cost.)   Buying a DVD will help us pay our bar tab....and we really appreciate that :D

The website....I know it sucks and it will change later this year.  It is me, I have a few people that have volunteered to help, I just have not been able to make it work in my schedule.  As soon as the conventions are over, I will make that a first priority!!

Thanks everyone for playing along.....now back to prop making!!

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