Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Do you really want the word "graveyard"

on a poster for promoting art and the like for the local "First Friday"?

..."Hell yes!", she said.

I guess it is going to take me a while to get out of the mode of having to censor my hobby from what I think is the rest of the world :D (My last job was ultra conservative - don't miss it for a moment.)

What are you talking about FQ?

My local downtown has been doing an art/social thing called "First Friday" for a few years.  We walk around the town and visit local businesses that have art up and usually the artists are there.  Very cool and a lot of fun.  I just love that stuff.  We have decorated and featured Marci's photos of the yard at the local wine bar for the past two years.

There has been a little change in advertising (no not me....thank goodness, I have enough going on) and they revamped the logo, posters, and website and needed sponsors to help make it happen.  I know we are both unemployed and I should not be spending my savings on silly things like this.......but I really like the event and I did expect for her to say:

"......uh, you know, I am not sure a "graveyard" type business is something we to promote for our event."

Trust me, it has happened before.

But this new person loves us and knows how involved we are in the community....so we are a perfect fit.

So now, the Davis Graveyard logo will be on the website, posters and handouts for the event.

Check out the website

And here is the poster....if you look way down at the bottom, you might notice our logo.

I love Milwaukie......  I think I can get used to being liked and not shoved off in a corner :D

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