Monday, April 9, 2012

Mason wants to say

thanks for the support.......or that he wants me to pet is hard to say, but he has been crawling all over my keyboard tonight.  And look....he just batted a ball of paper my way.

Cats....they will play with anything as long as it is not a toy you bought for them.

Oh, wait he has a concession speech all prepared an just needs a moment of your time.

He is a super nice cat, I am sure this will be lovely.

Let's see what the speech has to say......

Wow, looks like Mason is a sore loser......


  1. I would love to adopt him... But I live too far.

  2. I wanted to vote for Mason, but Dorie is so much more entertaining ... in a really scary way.

  3. Remember Dor, I love dogs too.


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