Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I think I might be a stalker

cause I have quite a collection of Shellyhawk pieces....there is almost one in every room of the house!  And I have bought a lot more to give as gifts....I think I have a problem.

I got this piece a while back and forgot to post it.  I was up late one night and noticed that Shell had posted this item and knew I had to have it for my pumpkin shelf in the kitchen - I guess my quick purchase stole it out from under my good blog friend Micheal over and Skull and Pumpkin blog....he told Shell that I beat him to it.  You snooze, you loose.

Or in my case....if you buy something someone else wanted.....they can get even by telling the person that is shipping it to be sure to put a spider in the box.  And not being a coward, Michael even had her tag that it was from him.  I have the best friends.

This spider is still sitting on a shelf in my office....and for some miracle the cats have not found it.....yet.

Should I stop stalking her?  Nah, I really want this piece someday!

I really need to find a job soon!!!!


  1. Gotta stalk sometimes. Lovely decorations.

  2. Pumpkin Smashing
    How cool is it to see a big pumpkin flying in the air and then seeing it smashed in the road? All the seeds and orange stuff flying everywhere. When Halloween is in the air everybody gets excited, from little boys and girls to men and women. Everybody has a hobby for almost every season year round, well for Halloween my friends and I go smashing pumpkins. But not everything can go as planned. So pumpkin smashers, don’t get caught because you might end up cleaning the remains of the pumpkin, doing everybody's chores, and have most of your privileges taken away.
    Here’s my life story about pumpkin smashing.
    It was a cold, rainy afternoon a day before Halloween I was about in 6th or 7th grade and my friends and I got out of school a hour before and were out about doing nothing, until I noticed that there were pumpkins everywhere and came up with the most brilliant (yet stupid) idea to smash some pumpkins.
    “Hey let’s go and smash some pumpkin’s”, I said trying to sound cool
    Some of my friends they were the same age were like “ok” but some were like “no.”
    So, I ran grabbed a big pumpkin and a threw it with all my might on the road. It was an awesome sight but it sucked to be wachted by someone else. You know what happens when you do something and someone sees you do it and they go and tell, well that’s what happened someone told and I got in trouble. After things started getting evened out my mom made me say I was sorry for what I did and it was wrong. When we were heading home my mom was like “you know that you're going to pay for that, money wise.”
    I was like “What!”
    “Yep” that’s all she said the rest of the way.
    I tried to talk her out of it but she wouldn't buy it. Couple days later I payed for the pumpkin and that was the last time I ever did something like that.
    Therefore you pumpkin smashers, when you smash a pumpkin make sure that you don’t get caught or else you might end up cleaning the remains of the pumpkin, everybody's chores, and have most of your privileges away. No one wants to do all of that, so the next time your pumpkin smashing make sure no one is around.

    1. Love this story....thanks for sharing....LOL! Made my day!



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