Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The last thing that I thought that felt like

was a spider.  But that is what it was.

I was working at my desk and just typing along...then a Facebook message popped up so I moved my hands to the other side of the keyboard to get the mouse.

Put my hand back on the left side of the keyboard to adjust it and I felt something.....

....small, cold and squishy.  Though it was a bit of leftover apple from this afternoon's snack.

I mean I wish it would have been a bit of apple if it had mutated  to have eight legs!!!

So no, an apple was not.

Not even close.

I moved my had and this small white spider with a round body and eight legs crawled out from where my hand had been.

Let me say that case some of you missed the terror that line possessed:

I moved my had and this small white spider with a round body and eight legs crawled out from 
where my hand had been.

As a side note, in my mind I did not ever think that spiders would be cold and squishy to the touch.  I could have gone my whole life without knowing that.

I about fainted....then when I got my breath back, which seemed like forever, I screamed.

How my brain was able to process don't scream too loud, because husband is asleep, I have no clue, I remember thinking it and my voice doing that....but my head has no idea how that happened.

Because that scared the ever loving sh$t out of me.

I was in the middle of a conversation in Facebook that was too serious and time sensitive for me to type to that person

"OMG, I just touched a spider!!!!!!!!  I can still feel the feeling in my hands!!!!"

But I did not, just took a pause or I was in shock.

I watched it crawl across my desk.  I hit it with a coaster.

Whew....glad that is over.

Move the coaster. (It was a cloth coaster, how did I not see this coming?)

Not dead, very small, cold, slimy demon, continues to hobble across my desk.  Apprently stunned and terrified...but not nearly as terrified as me!

I knock it on the floor and watch it try to hobble away.

As much as I hate spiders, I really hate killing living things (why I am vegetarian) and even the thought of killing a spider freaks me the f%ck out!

But there is a chance he might come back for revenge(as most spiders do) so I.....

I squished it with my foot.

Ha,ha, be honest I just like lightly tapped it with my foot a few times.

As if that is more humane than stomping on it.  Frog Queen amazes even me.

Spider was dead and I finished up my conversation.

I am done working on the computer.....that is a sign to go to bed and try not to think of all the spiders that are crawling around when I shut out the light...that should be fun.

Tomorrow I am sweeping and mopping my office floor.....just in case.

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