Friday, August 21, 2009

How many people

Can you fit in the driveway for a tombstone making class, 12, 13, 15...16??!?

We are going to find out tomorrow. I have a lot of people coming tomorrow am that expect to leave with a damn fine tombstone and the knowledge to make more. Oh, and one of them is a acquaintance who writes for the local paper.....I think she wants to write about the experience.

Wow, really, okay, how many people are in the class again.....16? 16 tombstones in 4 hours.....and it has to be fun and memorable and newsworthy experience! Sh*t!

Some of those people have some "difficult" epitaphs. If you have never carved before, more that two lines is a difficult tombstone. :) Wow, was I too honest there? I think I was, did I mention I was stressed?

Anyway, that means we are going to have to double team the carving process......."you start carving at the top and I work my way up from the bottom." Always a fun experience. Note to self for tomorrow...Must resist the urge to push them out of the way carve it myself to save time :D

No, I am not feeling any pressure.....has nothing to do with why I was up at 5:00 am this morning and could not go back to sleep. Went into work early, I had a fire I need to put out anyway, so then I can just leave early......wait a delivery driver got lost and I have to stay late to met him?! So much for the leaving early idea.

I hear this ticking in my head.....I think it is a clock, do you hear a clock? Please tell me it is not a time bomb....I am looking for some place to hide :)

Everything is going to be fine. :) Because I am going to go home and have a martini and pass out on the couch watching Tales from the Crypt....after I get everything set up.

Be luck you do not live close to me, because to pull this off I am calling in a lot of favors. The Frog Queen knows who her real friends are. :D

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