Friday, August 7, 2009

There are few words that strike terror in my heart

like the word..... in.t....

can barely

here goes

no.....finger will not

the screaming in my head is getting deafening!!!!



Wow, I did it.

I likely will not be able to do it again, so from now on I will use the word "banana". (Actually that works for me because I hate bananas as well.)

Anyway, some colleges and over priced art institute's are ways wanting to give their students real working experience. Very thoughtful and seems like a prudent idea.

We will give you this "free" help and in turn they can learn from you. Still, sounds sane enough.

That is why I have on occasion said "Why yes, I would love to have a banana come work with me."

Now, you would think I would know better, I have never had a good working experience with bananas. :)

Now, in your mind you are thinking, wow, I can have them help me with all these things and I will have time to get the important things done.

But in is like saying you will watch your friends 2 year old and clean out the garage at the same time. That only works if you can put the two year old in a cage while you clean the garage. Has worked for me....oops, did I say that out loud :D

Same with a banana, you cannot leave them unsupervised they will f*ck up even the simplest of projects. (And there appears to be some labor laws about putting people in cages, at least in the state I work)

I kid you not.....this is my latest banana tale. It is scary, that is why I am sharing it with you.

I asked my new spray paint some lettering - with a stencil on some cardboard boxes. I even provided a picture of what it should look like when it was done. I did a few myself so that the banana could see how it was done. Easy job for a banana, and it has to be more interesting than the filing I was going to have the banana do.

Well, it was not easy enough....cause let me tell you......I cannot believe that NONE of the boxes the banana painted are usable. Not a one. And we are still impressed on what in the &*^% the banana was thinking it was doing.

My friends, be this a lesson to you, just say "no" to bananas.

My wonderful department just got done helping me fix most of them....because I sent the banana to "help" another department. A department that I don't like very much - obviously :D

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