Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Besides the yard

there is this big party at the Graveyard. You would think with all that cool stuff in the yard, that I would have these awesome party decorations.

No, not really. In fact I really did not start decorating (seriously) for the party until about 3 years ago. As time and funding allow, I am growing my collection.

With the help of some friends, like my friend Judy who is painter and volunteered to paint the inside of a church on the black fabric panels that I use to mask off the outer edges of the downstairs of the shop.

Here is what she did for us last year. It is about 12 panels, most of them painted.

She did this in was freezing in the shop (even with the heater) and the fabric was just hanging from the ceiling so it was very loose. Poor thing, but she got it done.

We finished hanging it back up in the shop last night. We think it looks great. of the pews that husbands dad made us. I mean, you cannot have a church without pews :)

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