Friday, October 23, 2009

In an attempt to make

up for my lame blog posts this month...and my very failed attempt to keep both this blog and Davis House news updated everyday....the shame....I feel I need to make it up to my fellow bloggers.

So here we go.

My brother made 10 skulls from the mold he made from the skull he bought in Disneyland, the original, in California - long before the other parks were built :), for the dance team to sell as at the open house to make money. We sold 8 of them...I know, what is wrong with these people!!

Anyway, I have two left and I am going to hold a drawing to give them away, since most of you will want these before Halloween...this is quick drawing, I am going to draw the winners Tuesday morning and get them out that same day, priority mail. (just get me your mailing address ASAP!)

These are great skulls, they are solid resin (a bit heavy, perfect for throwing at someone...oh, did I say that out loud!?!) and my brother even filled and sanded out all the rough spots and made them perfect. They are painted white with black antiquing, but they can be repainted any way you like.

Just leave a comment on this post by Tuesday, 9:00 am, PST, October 27 - Good luck my fellow bloggers.....and back to prop building!!!

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