Sunday, October 4, 2009

Nothing puts me in the mood

for Halloween :)

Like coming in after a long day working on the yard, turning out the lights, pouring a glass of wine, lighting my Bonfire candles from Dark Candles and watching Something Wicked this Way Comes. (again)

The spider scene is horrifying....literally, makes my skin crawl. Still. :)

But the scene in the library when his tearing the pages from the of my favorite scenes in a movie - ever.

I also love the non verbal conversation between Will and his dad when he and Jim are sitting in the storm drain when Mr. Dark is looking for them....reaching his had through the grating....

It also reminds me that there was a time when Disney could tell a children's tale without the kid gloves :)

The movie technically did not age well. But I LOVED the book when I was a kid and the movie for its time, was a good enough representation for me that it has found a special place in my heart :) Not an October goes by without me watching it.

Welcome to Halloween, Autumn People.

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