Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In the dim lamp light

he had seen everything.

Men dragging a body into the garden. The whispers and frantic digging into the night.

At his feet, the shallow grave, the promises of silence behind rehearsed alibis and then the muffled sound of screaming through the earth...the hasty retreat at the sound of wolves in the distance.

Then silence....for a very, very long time.

In the chill of the early morning the clouds parted, revealing the paschal moon and at once the trees rustled a forewarning her arrival.

Hooded and dark, chanting under her breath, she unpacked candles, books, amulets, bones and thick red blood on the ground.

Then, a handful of seeds, scattered over the body.

Again, silence, deep hushed, silence. Silence so sound that he heard the quiet rumblings of the earth turning, as if thousands of worms were making for the surface after a rain.

Thin boney fingers pushed through the earth, hauling the body from the grave.

Suddenly the seeds, now understanding their purpose, grew with much ferociously to catch their prey and hold him in the garden, in anticipation of her arrival.

Photos by the lovely and talented Marci B

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