Saturday, October 24, 2009

So, he is just about

done with cobwebbing the upstairs for the friend Daniel and we are ready to wrap it up when I hear a squeling from the bathroom.....odd, he was not in there that long :D

Before I can ask...."Ah, Dan, what is.....?"

He pops his head out the door and says...."you gotta see this!!"

Really? Ah.....hum......ah...okay....this better not be anything....

....I look in and see a small string of glue from the webbing glowing in the black light of the bathroom!!! Oh, that is awesome!!

I say "Remember when I said we are done webbing?" I lied, we need to web the bathroom!"

It looks very cool and creepy. I found glow in the dark spiders in my collection - sweet!

Terrifying and cool bathroom. I can hardly wait to hear the reactions!!!

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