Friday, October 2, 2009

Both blogs

I am a crazy frog queen and signed up both my blog (this blog) and the Davis House News blog (for Davis Graveyard) up for this countdown thing. (at least I did not include the Follies blog!!!)

I managed to get a post on Davis House News a couple hours before midnight....does that still count as posting on the 1st? :D
I managed to get a post ready for today too! Two posts in two days....that might be a Davis House News record :D

Anyway. I am going to do my best to keep them both updated. We might talk about the same things...but not the same day. I am usually more detailed (and a bit silly) on my posts, so catching both should not be too redundant.

Here we go....62 blog posts in 31 days! :D
Thanks everyone for coming along for the ride!

Happy Haunting!

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