Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How do you get

100+ party guests to mingle? We have a large party area, there is the driveway, the fireplace patio, and the two floors of the shop. People hung around in groups in one area through the whole party....and husband and I ran around like mad, trying to make sure that we introduced everyone. That was clearly not working.

Husband and I debated over this for a couple years and then he came up with what I thought was the stupidest idea :D It is called Graveyard Bingo.

It works like this:

You make up about 115 passes(similar to a backstage pass) on lanyards for all the guest, one side says R.I.P. (really important person) with the Davis Graveyard logo, and the other side has a number. Even though the RSVPs were in the 130's, there are always people that never show.....and we know who you are and you know the rules - three years of not coming to the party boots you off the guest list permanently! :D

Anyway, the pass makes it easy for us to identify a guest over someone who, for example, hops the fence (and we had a few of those this year)....and it gives them their "number". They also get a bingo card and a pen. The objective is to go around the party and find the numbers on their bingo card and have them initial the card. When someone gets "bingo" they get to draw from a prize bucket. You can get bingo several times through the night.

Well, we have been doing it for three years and I have to say I was wrong (again) about it being "stupid", it is a great idea, everyone gets to mingle and they love it. The guests that have been to the party for years are eager to help newbies understand the game....likely they are just looking for their number, but anyway, works for us :D

Well, thanks husband, it is a great idea. It is a bit of work (and a bit expensive), printing, cutting, and laminating the passes and creating the bingo cards...but it is worth every penny! :)

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