Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inspired by

the wonderful and immensely talented Ghoul Friday, I decided to reclaim some ugly orange pumpkin lights and make them work for indoor decor.

Because she is more talented than I, she did all this cool detail aging stuff and made them look perfect with a few subtle touches. Genius.

Me, not so much so, when it comes to the frog queen, you might have noticed that almost every item that makes its way out into the shop; I paint black. What can I say, I am one dimensional that way :)

Then I took some dark gray paint and dry brushed it...then when that was dry, I took a lighter gray color and did the same.

Viola! An otherwise boring and tacky pumpkin light has been rescued and made useful and creepy. As far as I am concerned...big improvement...but then that is my general feeling about black and gray paint :D

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