Thursday, February 4, 2010

While we are talking

about awards, I am ready to pass on the cool new award I got from Geoff over at Enter the Man Cave.
This award goes to all of you that comment frequently on this blog. I always appreciate comments, let's bloggers know that there is indeed, someone out there listening :) Thank you. I tried to grab everyone that has posted on my blog....recently at least a couple time. Focus on the word "try" people, cause I am sure I have forgotten someone - I am hoping that because these awards make the of these people will correct my error and make sure you get this cool award!

I am purposely leaving off three people that should be on this list - Carl at ILHM, Wiec? at when is evil cool and MJ at My Two Yens Worth......because I don't want to give them an award :D

LOL!!! - they already got the award from Geoff already. So, guys, consider this your backup copy :)

Andrew Green - from the always fun and interesting Who Wants Taters Blog (I love that title!)

Arcane - from The Scarecrow Post blog - very talented prop maker and great blogger

Dawn - of both Nicolas Manor and Whacky Whimsy blog fame. We love her!!

Dawnabelle - not only is she my good friend...she is one of the few of them that reads my blog!

Emme Toaye - Over at the Mystic2awesome and back blog. Fun blog and she makes all kinds of lovely items.

Halloween Spirit - Great blogger, not only does she write the most eloquent blog posts, she leaves me comments that makes me laugh!!

Johnny Thunder - He posts the most interesting things and provided me with my favorite computer wallpaper!! And he is a Hauntcast host!!

Judith - Her Blog "Merlin's Magickal Mistress" blog caught my caught and keeps my attention for many reasons.

Max the Drunken Severed Head - Great blog - always has something to say - always look forward to visiting his blog

My Ghoul Friday - an amazing blogger and artist. I cannot say enough nice things about her :)

Pam Morris - Great artist (Labyrinth Creations), great blog, likes gardening....what is not to love.

Rue - from the Rue and Hyssop blog. Lovely blog, very honest and open blogger

ShellHawk - one of my original blog buddies - great haunter, Hauntcast host, talented ceramic artists and funny blogger.

Stephanie D - She has two blogs - Scraps and Walks by Night - Always has something interesting to say....I like that.

Suzie - Another of by gardening/Halloween blog buddies!! Cat in the Pumpkin Moon

The Captain - What can I say, we all know this great blogger/haunter and long distance Davis Graveyard Helper.

The Pumpkin Queen - you know us queens have to stick together. She has a great blog, definitely an other one of us crazy Halloween people :D

The Quirk Shop - Always a great blog and leave the best comments!! And she has a blog called the Illuminated Frog - me like!

William Bezek - Another interesting blogger - if you have not, check out his blog, you will really enjoy it. Very clever guy!

Wings - We all know his blog Caffeinated Joe....well you should. How could I not recommend someone that not only likes "Friday the 13th the Series" - but is also part of a site about the show!

Yamfu - Jason is my friend and the coolest guy....mostly because he is one of my few friend that post on my blog

Okay - I am sure I have forgotten someone, and you should not be surprised....this list is coming from the lady who forgot to mail packages left in her car for a month!

So what do you do now.....

1) Link back to the blog/blogger who nominated you and say a few kind words

2) Paste the picture of the award in your award post

3) Nominate bloggers you think deliver great comments to your blog

4) E-mail/post/tweet or do whatever you need to do to inform these bloggers they have been nominated for an award.

Tag, your it!

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