Thursday, February 11, 2010

They are baaaack

Yes, the spiders are back on the masthead.

The other day when I was at a of those things that are distracting me from my very important blog :D, and as I am looking at the person speaking, I see it....a small spider is crawling down my bangs onto my face.

(I am screaming like a banshee on the inside!)

I am in a big room full of people so I don't want to jump up and scream and do my spider dance...well, actually, that is exactly what I want to do....but I don't because I really don't want to distract anyone from the meeting so that we can just get it over and done with :D So I just jump a bit and brush the spider off my face.

Afterward at dinner I tell husband what happened.

He laughs and says he was wondering what I was doing over there! Looked like you were going to have a fit or something! :D

Actually I was quite proud of how I handled that, you have no idea the amount of restraint it took not to scream!

Anyway, I have posted this before but it has been a while, and some of you might have missed it. Here is Phil Jupitus (one of my favorite British comedians) doing part one of a three part routine on spiders (thanks YouTube for that 10 minute limit :D)

And, no, I do not think it is insane to board up a room if a Category 1 spider gets away! Seems to be the only logical solution to me, I mean what else do you do? :D

This three part routine is probably one of my favorite comedy routines.....ever!

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