Friday, November 2, 2012

I rarely win a battle against Hal be honest all our cats get away with murder.  Actually Hal has gotten away with a lot of murder recently as you may have read.

Halloween afternoon things changed.

Hal really wanted outside like he has want to do, and we let him go, he is a stray from the neighborhood, it is hard to keep him in.

So when he ran past me on Halloween to get outside, I think he was quite surprised that almost immediately Husband and I tracked him (tricked) him back in the house.

He was not happy.

"What the ^%$# is this?" he said.  "I mean you named me after this holiday, the props belong to me....let me the hell out of this house.....there are people with cameras coming....I must be in the photos!!!"

At least that I am pretty sure that was what all the crying and attempt to claw my face off meant.

I could sit there and explain to him that Halloween is not the best day for cats, and especially mostly black cats, and not all our neighbors are crazy about our yard and have been a bit open about it, not saying that anyone would do anything - but I rather be safe than sorry.

But, since he is a cat and no matter how I try, I have not gotten him to understand or speak English - rather than the lecture......I gave him extra gushy food.  Which distracted him while I opened the door to head back outside to set up the effects.

He was not as happy....but he was safe.  That means husband and I were happy.

I was thinking ahead, Marci came over to take pictures of the yard today - it would not be a Davis Graveyard photo shoot without Hal pictures.

I am Hal and I am a prisoner in my own home....someone please come rescue me....or bring me caviar.


  1. Cats are superior creatures. I love anecdotes about Hal. Very sad you have neighbours not in the spirit of the holiday.


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