Friday, November 13, 2015

So, the Davis Graveyard will never

do video blogging.  If you have spent more than an hour with our group, you would understand....not only do we swear like sailors - our jokes are just....wrong.  If you did not know how close we are, you would think that we hate each other. :)

It is all good fun and we are a close group, that is more like family (in the good way).

So, our alternative to video blogging to show our process has now found a home on Instructables.

We have five props on there so far.  I will be working on adding a lot more from previous years in the next couple months.

Check out how we made:

Solid Foam Mausoleum

Pillar Gargoyles

The Widow

And or favorite of this year:

Kiss of Death

Now go out there and make your own.  Happy Haunting.

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