Friday, January 15, 2016

Who let the baby demons out

We got rid of a lot of props this last year, so I guess while we were busy one of the crew, or the EAD  (Evil Artistic Director)- who knows let the baby demons out of the shop.

We were going to wait until they were older and more mature to make sure they did not get in any trouble....but that didn't happen, so they got out and spent the whole month of October hanging in the abbey just high enough we could not reach them to get them back in the shop.

Demons....nothing but trouble!  In that good kinda need demons and we can show you how to make them.

This was a great project headed up by one of the crew.  If you like these little guys and you are going to be at HAuNTcon in Birmingham the end of the month, sign up now....this class is selling out fast!

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