Thursday, June 19, 2008

Jazz hands touch everything

Funny how one thing leads to another, and another.. and how that title sounds kinda dirty - :)

I have a friend who wrote (another) book (quite funny; the books and the friend) and there are "Jazz Hands" references, so those words have been on my mind - I mean, they were there before, but not so much so.

Anyway, that same friend recently did a piece on NPR - also quite funny (again, both the friend and the piece) that talked about breaking into song - no reason, (like you need one) just singing to sing.

Mind you, he meant everyone else, if he heard me sign, he would recommend I stick to the shower to save all of humanity.

So again, another thought that was on my mind. (I know, some of you are surprised that I have a mind - but not as surprised as me :)

Was there a point? Oh, yeah, back to.....

That brings me to last Saturday. We were working on props for our book, particularly the Flying Crank Ghost (the must have of all yard haunt props - really, the haunt police come revoke your license if don't have one) - and Jeff asked me to come over so he could trace my hands.

Now, we have done this many times, we have made several of these props, and they all have these "hands" that are cut outs of my hands - my "jazz hands" to be exact. I am going to put that in the book:

"To make the hands for your FCG, place your hands on a piece of 1/8 plywood and do your best Jazz hands impression....."

Well, something like that.

To top it off, while working throughout the day Jeff kept singing show tunes - yes, Jeff know more show tunes than a straight guy should :) 25 years of marriage and no kids. Should I be worried?

So it was a Marc inspired day - reminded me that I really, need to finish that book. That is if my cat stops sleeping on it long enough for me to nab it.

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  1. These jazz hands applaud you (without touching anyone or anything of course)!


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