Tuesday, July 10, 2012

It looks so simple

as just a pile of supplies.

But when you start putting them together they begin to look like this.  Here are pictures of the temporary frame with the foam attached so we can start drawing out the stone pattern.  Then we have to take all the sheets off, create new frames for them based on the new shapes (we are going to great a lot of ruined walls - so we care going to be doing a lot of custom framing.)

Then we have to start texturing all the panels and painting them.  We are creating inside panels too because of it being so open, you will be able to see the inside.

The reason that the panels have gaps is that we also realize if you can see inside we have to make the walls 10" thick so that it actually looks like flat stone and not just panels.  We learned this from the abbey build - that said, at least a half a dozen walls in the abbey are going to have to be reworked using this method.

Yeah, I do not plan on sleeping much between now and October.......


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