Monday, July 2, 2012

Let's take a closer look

at the new ideas for the 2013 Davis Graveyard Mausoleum

We are going to break out the back wall for a video projection.

Ruining the sides and front columns and broken gothic windows on both sides.  There will be no door on this one.

Ruining the roof line - and there will be no roof on the new one.  You can see the original top from the current version just there in the bottom of the picture.

After looking at this we decided that we are going to sell the current version as is and completely rebuild from scratch.  We will need to have thicker walls since you can see the inside (we learned this from how hallow the ruined abbey looks....we noticed it to and are going to fix that this year :D ) - so we are going to need to make almost double the panels (panels back to back) so that we can finish the inside and give the whole project some weight.

We start next weekend.....let the fun begin.

And...does anyone want to buy an mausoleum? :D

Happy Halloween my friends!

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