Tuesday, December 18, 2012

House cleaning

I collect stuff during Halloween....cause I have a problem, I love the stuff, no matter how cheesy :)

So here is my final Halloween prize pack giveaway....think of it as my Christmas present to you.

I have a whole bunch of stuff here...including the pumpkin cat costume that was worn by "Hal" the famous Davis Graveyard mascot....he told me I have to get rid of it or die....I figured the hat was not worth it.

I will put this all in priority mail box and send it out on Friday....with any luck you will get it the day before Christmas....if not....well, it is a good after Christmas present.

There is pancake mix and cookies, and mirror stickers black and black gloves with orange stitching and scrubber and a backpack with skulls and one of my Etsy hairclips on it and I have thrown in a few frog items....because I am the frog queen.

Just put a comment on this post before midnight on Thursday, December 21, and I will draw a winner on Friday am.

And because I am in marketing and I have a great tendency for evil....I will give you and extra entry for posting on Facebook  twitter or your blog about my Etsy store sale.  Yeah, I am quite aware how low that is.....and I am evil, as you know, so you have to understand, that I am fine with that.

BTW- I am only shipping this box in the continental U.S. ...sorry, I am unemployed at the moment...do I am only committing to a fixed amount of shipping.

Sorry, this does not mean I do not love all you friends....

Good luck to one of you cool Halloween people!


  1. I so don't need any of this. But I'm gonna comment anyway, because I'm not well. Also, your etsy hairclip link is bad. I shall even do a fb post about your sale, mostly because I *love* the folly I got for my birthday.

    1. Sorry about the link - fixed. Thanks for the mention!


  2. My newest addition, Miss Maddie, showed a great interest in my props this year, and I think she'd look wonderful in Hal's costume!!

  3. This stuff looks awesome! Count me in! :D

  4. Of course I have to post to try and win! super package!!! though I'm pretty sure my cat would hate you forever!!!

  5. Aw this is very generous of you. Random Halloween goodies are the best.

  6. I just got everything yesterday - here's my post about it...


    It includes pics of all my critters trying on Hal's costume!

    Thank you so much!


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