Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Captain Hammer will save us

As many of you know, we have a lot of pop culture references in our yard.  Something fun for people to enjoy instead of just simple tombstones.  We made this Penny tombstone years ago for the yard after watching the Doctor Horrible feature.

We even put chunks of debris in it.  Yeah, I know that is really creepy.  But so are we.

Well, this last summer Felicia Day was in town for her book signing and we took the tombstone to her to get it signed.  She liked it, but was admittedly a little creeped out....she did post a picture of it on Twitter and FB :)

May of the fans yelled out "too soon!" It was a fun time and she was very kind and generous at the signing.  If I did not already love her....I do now.  Thanks Felicia!

Needless to say, the tombstone is now decor in the shop and no longer in the yard.  We replaced it with this one.  Sorry for the spoiler is any of you are behind in Supernatural :)

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