Thursday, May 31, 2018

It is all in the bones

Since I have not blogged in a bit (a long bit) I am going to try to catch you up on Davis Graveyard props. We built several new props last year and I did not take the time to share them with you so here we go.

The Davis Graveyard crew is a great group of talented people.  This was a prop from years ago, and probably one of our first solid foam props.

The eternal flame.

Here is how it was put together.  This prop now over 4 years old is still a favorite and always hides in the back of the yard.  Its location is not important because it is a perfect piece of the puzzle that works hard without being the centerpiece.

We have retired a lot of props, but this one is a classic.

Thanks to the DG crew for this awesome staple to the display.
There are five identical arch pieces - the are hand cut and router-ed down to make the shape

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