Friday, July 8, 2011

Proof of insanity

It has begun, we are replacing the existing church facade with a free standing ruined abbey - inspired by the abbey ruins at Holyrood in Edinburgh.

I say "inspired" not would be impossible for us to create that much detail in one year.  Basically we are building the four walls that will have arches and details added and additional details each year.  We will likely spend time this year on the front and the right hand side - the ones that will be most visible.

I will be taking more pictures this weekend.  I will try to get them on the blog....if you want instant updates - you can follow me on Facebook.*

Right hand side panel - one of four.  This is two eight foot tall panels veritical to make a  wide arch, then one 8 foot panel horizontal across the top with the windows carved out.  The walls on the RH side will be 12 feet tall.

Each frame is made individually based on the finished panel

Set up of the first story so we can draw the grout lines for carving

View from the back to show the panels on the first story connected so we can draw the grout and stone lines.  Notice that the frames are different for each panel depending on what opens there are.

You can see the black lines where the grout lines will be cut out.  We are doing a force perspective design - the stones at the bottom are larger and they get smaller as we go up.

View of the first story from the street.
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