Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wait, wasn't her apple poisoned?

Go ahead little girl.....have a bit of this apple, and then you have to take your nap :)

This is pure marketing genius or someone at Disney has a sense of humor.

This is one on a long list of things that make me crazy about Disney cartoons - we don't like the way the book we just rip out these last few pages.  :(

I mean killing your stepmother by making her dance to death in hot iron shoes is pretty gruesome......I bet the girls would not want to play pretend Snow White if they knew that.....I have to stop now, cause if we get me stared down this path, this post will turn into on long "Did anyone at Disney actually read the book" rants.  Those are entertaining only to me!

On a happy (in the gory kinda way) note....if you have not read it.  Find a copy of Neil Gaiman's "Snow Glass Apples" - Snow White vampire story......quite creepy.

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