Friday, July 1, 2011

I amuse myself sometimes

So I see this really cool product.  Glow Graffiti Light in a Can.  Yeah, it is as cool as it sounds!

Immediately I think....this has to have a use for Halloween. But what?

What could you possibly do with a photo sensitive canvas and a can of luminescent spray paint that create cool art that last for less than one hour?

I mean the fact that the surface is completely reusable is a great, but....

Thought of a couple things like making the canvas be part of a wall and an actor that spray "murder" or "get out!" (if they could remember to spell it backwards) that would show up like someone was writing it on the wall while you were standing there.

But then you would essentially be spraying paint towards someone and shining an UV light at them....both scary in the not good way.

So, my ever so creative haunters and blog buddies.....can you come up with any ideas?

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