Thursday, July 28, 2011

Not that I would ever use these

I believe if you are going to open a bottle of wine....don't be a quitter....finish the damn thing!  Really people!

Oh and for those of you that put the top back on the bottle after you pour wine (especially red) - you don't know d*ck about wine.  Air is good for the wine.....let it breathe.  And I have to say thanks for saving me from making the mistake of ever sharing good wine with you.....I see now that that would be waste.  I bet you buy wine just because of the label too?  You scare me in that not good way.

Where was I?  Sorry....I get a bit carried away when it comes to wine.

Anyway, for you the more responsible drinkers their are these very cool wine toppers.

You can get them here. Okay even I have to admit they are pretty cool.  The only thing that would make them cooler is if they were zombie frogs....just saying.

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