Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am going to miss you

The Davis Graveyard church facade is going to have a new home.

We tried to sell it to a few pro haunts here in town and they turned it down...some silly detail about not being fire proof :D

At that time I really thought - no one is going to want this thing, we are going to have to just tear it apart and use the pieces to built other props.  That made me kinda sad, we put so much work into that creation...just did not relish seeing it end that way.

So husband thought he would put a message out on the lists.

It was sold within the hour....actually, there were several people that wanted it.

Very surprised and relieved I was (in my best Yoda voice)

So the church will haunt at it's new home in San Jose California this Halloween.  Really going to miss it, but I am happy that it will have a new life in another haunt.

Going to be odd seeing pictures of it somewhere else........

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