Thursday, July 7, 2011

Put a skull on it

here is just not enough Halloween stuff in the world....or at least stuff that I need.

Take for instance this cute doll house shelf thing.  This is the perfect size for my small pumpkin collection, but it is too normal and not black.
This will not do.
So, grabbed one of my plasitc skull casts and found the perfect one for the job.

I then took the dremel and sanded off part of the fluer so that I could epoxy the plastic skull to the in that area.

Then I epoxied the skull on to the top....the way I placed it almost looks like ram horns coming out of the skull.  Kinda creepy, I like to find the black paint!

While I am working on this project I had this idea - since I live in (practically) in Portland I have been watching the Portlandia show - and it reminded me of the famous bit about "put a bird on it".

I am going to start my own blog guessed it, "Put a Skull On It".  

You think I am kidding?  You should know me better than that :D

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